Jonathan Rea Preps for 2011 Superbike

2011 World Superbike Prep

Jonathan Rea ended his 2010 World Superbike season injured and under the surgeon’s knife, but his recovery since then has been gathering pace as he gets ready to have his first ride on his 2011 Honda at Portimao on Nov. 29 and 30.

Jonathan Rea (Honda Superbike) says: "I have been working closely with my physio, Isla Scott, and I have almost a full degree of movement back in my wrist. Not quite 100% but getting there. I have only had the wire out of my wrist for ten days, and the swelling is well under control."

"I recovered very well from that. The strength in my wrist is pretty good, sufficient to ride the bike."

Rea’s shoulder injury is also coming along well, but he needs his wrist to heal completely before he can get himself back to 100% fitness in his shoulder area for the 2011 Superbike season.

Jonathan Rea says: "My shoulder is still a little bit unstable but until my wrist is 100% better it is difficult to load the shoulder in the proper way to build it up."

"I feel good from that point of view but I have a cold at the minute, which is proving hard to shake off!"

For Rea, a return to track action with a Superbike team that he regards as almost family will be the biggest winter boost of all.

Jonathan Rea says: "I am excited to go riding again and check out the new parts we will be testing. It will be nice to see the team again. Some of them came over to visit me in Ireland, at the Belfast Supercross, and we had a great night there."