Moto2: Marc Marquez Improves Test Times

2011 Moto2 Prep

Although rain prevented Marc Marquez from yet another full test on his new Repsol Moto2 ride at Jerez in Spain, the 125cc MotoGP Champ continued to improve on his test times Friday.

Marquez completed a total of six laps, four before the rain began falling; these four laps were valid for taking down his times. And although little time was spent Friday on the Spanish circuit, Marqeuz significantly improved over his Thursday times, the 17-year-old Spaniard posting a best lap of 1:45.2.

Marquez was slated to begin testing on Wednesday at Jerez, but that day was a complete wash out due to rain.

On Friday, Marquez and his Repsol Moto2 team made some adjustments to the motorcycle, which allowed for the bike to be handled more easily. But just when things were improving, the rain began to fall, forcing the team off the track.

Repsol says: "In spite of everything and the only productive day in Jerez, the Repsol rider ends his debut in Moto2 with a sweet taste in his mouth, showing a glimpse of the wide margin for improvement ahead of him."

The next Moto2 test for Marqeuz is set for Catalunya on Tuesday, Nov. 30, as Marquez will continue to adapt to the new Moto2 machine and his team.

Marc Marquez says: "Today, we haven't been able to make the most of the day because it started raining and we had only done 6 laps, that is, 4 that counted for the timesheets. However, they were very interesting because yesterday we focused on riding without touching the setup so that I could adapt to the bike and understand it as much as possible."

"But today, in these four laps, we have started working a little, changing some adjustments and I rode much faster than yesterday even on a wet and cold track."

"This is very important because it means that we can improve, logically. More than my times compared to my rivals, I keep the feelings that I have had on the bike and the confidence I have built up."


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