FIM: Claude Danis on GP Circuit Safety

FIM Motorcycle Safety

The mandate as President of the Road Racing Commission that Mr. Claude Danis has fulfilled within the FIM since 1993 will end on Dec. 31, 2010. Mr Reszo Bulcsu (MAMS) has been nominated to succeed him as Director of the CCR.

However, Claude Danis will continue his collaboration with the FIM as a member of the Grand Prix Race Direction, FIM Grand Prix Safety Officer and inspector for circuit homologation for Road Racing circuits.

Following these decisions taken by the FIM Claude Danis said: “I am enthusiastic about FIM’s decision that allows me to continue work begun 17 years ago. Safety is essential in our sport. Huge improvements have been made in recent years to everybody’s satisfaction.”

“However, we must stay close and attentive to the riders because security is in constant evolution. I am also pleased to continue my duty within the Grand Prix Race Direction.”

From his side Ignacio Verneda, FIM Executive Director, Sport added: “Safety in our sport, especially in Road Racing events, is one of our major concerns. We are pleased to be able to continue to benefit for Mr. Claude Danis’ experience.”

“I also take this opportunity to thank Mr. Danis for his role as President of the FIM Road Racing Commission for so many years.”


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