World’s Fastest Motorcycle at Hall of Fame

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The world’s fastest motorcycle, the Top 1 Oil Ack Attack streamliner, is lowered from its trailer to be displayed at the 2010 Motorcycle Hall of Fame Concours d’Elegance.

It’s a 20-foot-long, twin-engined, fully streamlined blue bullet that recently set the outright motorcycle land speed record of more than 376 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

It’s is at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Concours d’Elegance in Las Vegas, Saturday, Nov. 20, as part of the AMA Legends & Champions Weekend at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa.

The impressive Top 1 Oil Ack Attack streamliner, built by designer Mike Akatiff and piloted by racer Rocky Robinson, eclipsed the previous record by 8 mph in September, notching a two-way average speed on the table-flat Salt Flats of 376.363 mph.

With motive force coming from a pair of turbocharged and intercooled Suzuki Hayabusa motors, the motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind engineering marvel that few get to see up close.

Spectators at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Concours d’Elegance, however, can appreciate this machine along with dozens of other rare and impeccably restored motorcycles that represent the finest examples of their breeds in the country.

"Land-speed racing is the stuff of which legends are made, so it’s just amazing to have the machine that just set the outright world’s record on display at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Concours d’Elegance," said Tom White, who is coordinating the gathering of world-class motorcycles.

"To think that people will be able to stand just a few feet from a machine that went, at one point in the run, more than half the speed of sound — that’s just incredible! A chance like this doesn’t come along very often."

"We’re happy to be a part of the weekend and the Concours," said Akatiff, who has twice held the motorcycle land-speed record before regaining it a third time in September. "We get a real kick out of seeing all the Hall of Famers and the other motorcycles, and we hope people enjoy seeing our motorcycle, as well."


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