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BMW Wallpaper

For over seven decades now, 6-cylinder in-line engines have stood for fascinating engine technology in automobiles at BMW more than with any other brand.

With the new BMW K 1600 GT, BMW motorcycles are now available for the first time with a 6-cylinder in-line power unit developed in-house.

With an engine output of 118 kW (160hp) and a maximum torque of 175 Nm, the 6-cylinder motorcycle engine provides superb propulsion in all conditions.

Weighing 102.6 kilograms, the engine is by far the lightest serially produced 6-cylinder in-line engine for motorcycles with more than 1000 cc. What is more, the engine is significantly narrower in construction width than all other 6-cylinder in-line motorcycles in serial production to date.

This extremely compact construction and reduced width was achieved in particular by means of a cylinder bore of 72 millimeters in conjunction with a spacing of just 5 millimeters between the cylinder the cylinder sleeves.

Both the low engine weight and the consistent lightweight construction of the vehicle as a whole contribute to the low weight of the motorcycle. At 319 kg (703 lbs.) without panniers, the BMW K 1600 GT touring bike is in the lower range of the segment.

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