BMW GS Trophy: Pre-Enduro Images

BMW GS Trophy

The first International BMW Motorrad GS Trophy was held in Tunisia in 2008. It was initiated to provide an opportunity for amateur motorcycle riders with off-road experience to take part in a unique enduro event.

Enduro teams from Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and the USA were invited to take part in this remarkable motorcycle adventure and experience ten unforgettable days in the Tunisian desert.

During this time motorcyclists are faced with tough challenges and special tests which often took them to the very limits of their capabilities – and beyond.

The enduro event is held every two years at alternating locations. To mark the 30th anniversary of the BMW GS series, BMW Motorrad has planed a special GS Trophy for this year.

The motorcycle enduro event will be held from Nov. 13 to 21, 2010 in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique; undoubtedly one of the most fascinating areas to ride a BMW GS motorcycle.

All participants of the BMW GS Trophy final have to qualify in national events first: only the most successful three GS motorcycle riders from each participating country go to South Africa.

This year there were nine qualifying events all round the world, attended by BMW GS fans from 14 nations who then travel to the final in 10 teams.

So the GS Trophy is not just a fantastic motorcycling experience but also offers the opportunity to spend eight unforgettable days with 29 other enduro enthusiasts from three continents.

This year, following nations take part to the GS Trophy 2010: the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and Austria.

We are proud to have Jeff Buchanan from Ultimate MotorCycling participate in this special event. Stay tuned for updates as they happen here at