Husqvarna Mille 3 Concept

Husqvarna Mille 3 Concept

The Milan Salon at Intermot has quite a surprise from Husqvarna: the Mille3. According to Husqvarna, the Mille3 is a "concept study [that] demonstrates Husqvarna’s ability to design with highly diverse technical solutions, creating a dynamic and seductive contrast."

"It is an alloy of emotion, curiosity and anti-conformism, molded in an original form. A bike that is complete, but stripped down, elegant but slightly threatening. An explosive mix that appeals to all the senses and sets a new benchmark for future Husqvarna bikes."

Powering the Mille3 concept bike is a fuel-injected 933cc V-3 powerplant with the cylinders and heads taken from the Husky’s off-road bikes. Husqvarna credits an unusual layout of separate cooling systems for giving the engine the impression of being a single cylinder design.

The Mille 3 steel chassis recalls the classic Husqvarna central "tubone" design– a single-piece tubular form. The double rear beam, with aluminum stays, is fitted to the outside of the chassis uprights. This allows the Mille3 to accentuate its size.

The wheelbase is long, and the seat height extremely low–particularly for a Husqvarna. The rearward position of the footrests and the off-road handlebars make the riding position an aggressive one. Chassis performance is not ignored. The Mille3 has high performance brakes, adjustable suspension, and a power-enhancing dual exhaust.

There’s no question that the styling is revolutionary. "The lines are flowing, the breaks decisive, the shape is streamlined," a spokesman for Husqvarna tells us.

"The vaguely retro rear blends effortlessly into the sculpted side panels. The overall look reinterprets and evolves the stylistic features and architecture typical of Husqvarna design. All in all, it is a winning combination of style and technology that amply expresses the project philosophy–whatever is not functional is superfluous and discarded."

"Emotion is irrational, curiosity is a gift, and anti-conformism is innate," according to Husqvarna. "With the Mille3, Husqvarna has given form to its vision of biking, diverse and, it goes without saying, innovative."

Husqvarna claims to be "seeing, thinking and designing outside the box, creatively and with courage," and the Mille3 backs up that boast.

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