MTA World Vet Motocross | Glen Helen Video

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The MTA World Vet Championship is staged for this weekend at Glen Helen Raceway and last year’s big winner, Doug Dubach, is ready to race, as he explains in this YouTube video.

Dubach is probably the oldest of the riders generally regarded as being a top contender in the Big Vet 30+ Pro race – but he just keeps on winning.

"Last year was a typical Vet World Championship event weekend," Dubach said from his Norco California Exhaust Pipe business, DRD. "By that, I mean it was very uncertain who I’d have to race against right up to the last minute. A lot of various racers were supposed to show up… everyone from McGrath to Dowd. But when I finally got there and looked around on the gate, it was Ryan Hughes and me. "

Hughes, a longtime Pro rider has the reputation for blazing speed, especially at the fabled Glen Helen circuit, which is one of his favorites.

Last year, Hughes looked to be on the way to a sure win when he suffered a flat tire. Although he tried to soldier on and baby the tire to the finish, it was not to be as his tire eventually disintegrated leaving him no choice but to pull off.

Dubach was not 100-percent surprised.

Doug Dubach says: "My expectation going into the race was that Rhino was going to have to beat himself. I didn’t feel I could run with him straight up last year on raw speed alone, so he was going to have to help me out a little with some bad luck."

"I guess my little voodoo doll worked… as he got that flat tire only a few laps into the event. When the thing finally deteriorated to the point where he had to pull off… I had no idea! All my racing career I’ve heard the stories of the guy crossing the line and having no idea who had won. That’s what happened last year. I missed seeing Rhino pull off, so it was a total surprise to me that I had won. It was a nice little gift for sure."

Dubach celebrated yet another World Vet Championship title while Hughes was left to think about what might have been.

Doug Dubach says: "I actually went up to Ryan after the race and thanked him for the gift," Dubach said. "I’m not sure he was too happy about it but he was a good sport and we both had a lot of fun. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about."

Dubach is going to employ the same strategy for this year’s MTA World Vet Championship at Glen Helen Raceway.

Doug Dubach says: "My strategy for this year is much the same as last year. Who knows who will show up, I’m at the older end of the spectrum at this point and not riding that much due to my business activities. Dubach Racing Development is on the gas and keeping me very busy. I’ll just have to get some new voodoo dolls, and see what happens, I guess!"