Portugal Moto2: Honda Reviews Estoril

Estoril Moto2 Results

A thrilling, topsy-turvy Moto2 race opened proceedings at Estoril Sunday with the track still damp in places following some morning rainfall, though dry enough to make slick tires the unanimous choice.

The race was won by first-timer Moto2 winner Stefan Bradl (Viessmann Kiefer Racing, Suter) who beat Alex Baldolini (Caretta Technology Race Dept, I.C.P.) by just seven hundredths of a second.

Bradl, a former 125 MotoGP winner and son of former GP rider Helmut Bradl (who won five 250 GPs for Honda in 1991) rode a perfectly judged race, pushing hardest where the track was at its most grippy and taking care in the less grippy final part of the lap. Baldolini did get in front a few laps from the flag but Bradl had a better pace and eventually Baldolini settled for second and his first-ever podium finish.

The battle for the final Moto2 podium featured plenty of rough and tumble, with a group of nine riders going for third place in the final laps. Phillip Island winner Alex De Angelis (JIR Moto2, Motobi) won the fight in the final seconds, outpacing Scott Redding (Marc VDS Racing Team, Suter) and impressive Moto2 first-timer Kenan Sofuoglu (Technomag-CIP, Suter) in the run to the chequered flag.

Both de Angelis and Redding had charged through the pack after a steady first few laps when the track was still quite damp in places. The pair were 12th and 21st at the end of lap one.

Sofuoglo was the star performer in the early stages of the Moto2 race, breaking away from the pack at a terrific rate to build a seven second advantage in the first 11 laps, despite the treacherous conditions.

But he was struggling with a loose left handlebar, the legacy of a crash during morning warm-up. His mechanics had still been fixing the damaged bike on the grid, hence the oversight.

With the handlebar causing him problems, the double World Supersport Champion’s lead dwindled rapidly and he was caught by Bradl and Baldolini with seven laps remaining.

While the 20-year-old German and the 25-year-old Italian continued their battle for the lead, Sofuoglo fell back into the clutches of the pack, where he did his best to hold onto that final podium place. At the finish line there was just 1.7 seconds between third-place De Angelis and 11th-placed Hector Faubel (Marc VDS Racing Team, Suter).

Sofuoglo joined the Moto2 grid at Estoril just a few weeks after clinching his second World Supersport crown with Ten Kate Honda, riding a Honda CBR600RR. The 26-year-old takes the place of Technomag-CIP rider Shoya Tomizawa who lost his life in a high-speed accident during last month’s San Marino Moto2 race.

The MotoGP circus now drives across the Iberian peninsula to Valencia, where the last of this year’s 18 World Championship events will take place next weekend at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, just inland from the Mediterranean city of Valencia.

Moto2 Rider Quotes

Stefan Bradl (Viessmann Kiefer Racing, Suter – winner) says: “The race was very difficult because we didn’t have any dry practice, so we just fitted slick tires for the race and hoped that we would have a good dry set-up for this track. I could see the track was still a bit damp in places, so I was careful where the track was wet, like the last corner, and I pushed hard everywhere else.”

“The bike worked well. I tried my best to keep my concentration during the last five laps when I always saw ‘plus zero’ on my pit-board. I really needed this win because it’s been a long time – my last GP win was in 2008, with the 125. The first part of this season was difficult because it took time for us to learn the bike and for me to get used to the four-stroke riding style. At the last races things have been getting better and better. We have learned a lot and we hope to carry this into 2011.”

Alex Baldolini (Caretta Technology Race Dept, I.C.P. – second) says: “It’s a very good sensation to stand on the podium! During the race I tried not to think about it – I kept telling myself to relax, that this is just another race, just ride your best and see where you are at the flag. I tried very hard to keep my focus during the last laps.”

“I attacked Stefan with two laps to go, then he overtook me again and I decided, okay, second place is good enough. I want to say thanks to my team and my family. The team has done a great job in the last part of the season – the bike is now very good.”

Alex De Angelis (JIR Moto2, Motobi – third) says: “This is another very important podium, my third in a row. The end of the race was incredible. After the start I tried to stay calm and told myself that this was a long race and that the track would improve. But it was very difficult riding slick tires on a track that was still damp in some corners. Towards the end of the race the track was much more dry and grippy, so I was able to fight a lot with the other riders and risk this podium.”

Estoril Moto2 Stats:

Moto2 Pole position : 1m50.916s Gabor Talmacsi, Fimmco Speed Up

Moto2 Fastest lap : Lap 23 – 1m45.456s (142.762Km/h) Scott Redding, Marc VDS Racing Team

Moto2 Circuit record lap : New category

Moto2 Circuit Best Lap : 1m45.456s (142.762Km/h) Scott Redding, Marc VDS Racing Team

2010 Estoril Moto2 Results:

Event results – Round 16 – Race 1

1.Stefan Bradl46m59.723sGERHONDAViessman Kiefer Racing
2.Alex Baldolini+0.068sITAHONDACaretta Technology Race Dept
3.Alex De Angelis+2.830sSMRHONDAJiR Moto2
4.Scott Redding+2.842sGBRHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
5.Kenan Sofuoglu+2.947sTURHONDATechnomag-CIP
6.Raffaele De Rosa+3.311sITAHONDATech 3 Racing
7.Anthony West+3.385sAUSHONDAMZ Racing
8.Gabor Talmacsi+3.952sHUNHONDAFimmco Speed Up
9.Dominique Aegerter+4.284sSWIHONDATechnomag-CIP
10.Karel Abraham+4.311sCZEHONDACardion AB Motoracing
11.Hector Faubel+4.492sSPAHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
12.Julian Simon+13.006sSPAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
13.Axel Pons+26.529sSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
14.Simone Corsi+27.760sITAHONDAJiR Moto2
15.Robertino Pietri+28.259sVENHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
16.Thomas Luthi+28.311sSWIHONDAInterwetten Moriwaki Moto2
17.Jules Cluzel+28.333sFRAHONDAForward Racing
18.Yonny Hernandez+37.873sCOLHONDABlusens-STX
19.Claudio Corti+38.092sITAHONDAForward Racing
20.Carmelo Morales+38.227sSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
21.Andrea Iannone+46.976sITAHONDAFimmco Speed Up
22.Sergio Gadea+1m01.779sSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
23.Xavier Simeon+1m25.872sBELHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
24.Fonsi Nieto+1m26.029sSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
25.Vladimir Ivanov+1m51.690sRUSHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
26.Yuki Takahashi+1 LapJAPHONDATech 3 Racing
27.Ferruccio Lamborghini+1 LapITAHONDAForward Racing
28.Yannick Guerra+1 LapSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
29.Mashel Al Naimi+1 LapQATHONDABlusens-STX
30.Ricard CardusNC – 3 LapsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
31.Roberto RolfoNC – 4 LapsITAHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
32.Dani RivasNC – 7 LapsSPAHONDAMR Griful
33.Toni EliasNC – 9 LapsSPAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
34.Ratthapark WilairotNC – 12 LapsTHAHONDAThai – Honda PTT Singha SAG Team
35.Valentin DebiseNC – 13 LapsFRAHONDAWTR San Marino Team
36.Kenny NoyesNC – 13 LapsUSAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
37.Michael RansederNC – 21 LapsAUTHONDAVector Kiefer Racing

Championship standings

1.Toni Elias271 ptsSPAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
2.Julian Simon185 ptsSPAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
3.Andrea Iannone179 ptsITAHONDAFimmco Speed Up
4.Thomas Luthi143 ptsSWIHONDAInterwetten Moriwaki Moto2
5.Simone Corsi129 ptsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
6.Gabor Talmacsi103 ptsHUNHONDAFimmco Speed Up
7.Jules Cluzel101 ptsFRAHONDAForward Racing
8.Stefan Bradl97 ptsGERHONDAViessman Kiefer Racing
9.Scott Redding91 ptsGBRHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
10.Yuki Takahashi86 ptsJAPHONDATech 3 Racing
11.Alex De Angelis85 ptsSMRHONDAJiR Moto2
12.Shoya Tomizawa82 ptsJPNHONDATechnomag-CIP
13.Roberto Rolfo75 ptsITAHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
14.Karel Abraham71 ptsCZEHONDACardion AB Motoracing
15.Alex Debon70 ptsSPAHONDAAeroport de Castello – Ajo
16.Dominique Aegerter67 ptsSWIHONDATechnomag-CIP
17.Sergio Gadea59 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
18.Fonsi Nieto45 ptsSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
19.Alex Baldolini38 ptsITAHONDACaretta Technology Race Dept
20.Mike De Meglio34 ptsFRAHONDAMapfre Aspar Team
21.Yonny Hernandez30 ptsCOLHONDABlusens-STX
22.Ratthapark Wilairot30 ptsTHAHONDAThai – Honda PTT Singha SAG Team
23.Anthony West26 ptsAUSHONDAMZ Racing
24.Claudio Corti20 ptsITAHONDAForward Racing
25.Kenny Noyes18 ptsUSAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
26.Hector Faubel18 ptsSPAHONDAMarc VDS Racing Team
27.Raffaele De Rosa15 ptsITAHONDATech 3 Racing
28.Mattia Pasini12 ptsITAHONDAJiR Moto2
29.Kenan Sofuoglu11 ptsTURHONDATechnomag-CIP
30.Xavier Simeon9 ptsBELHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
31.Damian Cudlin9 ptsAUSHONDATenerife 40 Pons
32.Jason Di Salvo7 ptsUSAHONDAGP Tech
33.Axel Pons7 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
34.Lukas Pesek5 ptsCZEHONDAMatteoni C.P. Racing
35.Michael Ranseder4 ptsAUTHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
36.Vladimir Ivanov2 ptsRUSHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
37.Michele Pirro2 ptsITAHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
38.Arne Tode2 ptsGERHONDARacing Team Germany
39.Yusuke Teshima1 ptsJPNHONDAJiR Moto2
40.Robertino Pietri1 ptsVENHONDAItaltrans S.T.R.
41.Yannick Guerra0 ptsSPAHONDAG22 Holiday Gym
42.Wayne Maxwell0 ptsAUSHONDAMatteoni C.P. Racing
43.Vladimir Leonov0 ptsRUSHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
44.Valentin Debise0 ptsFRAHONDAWTR San Marino Team
45.Tatsuya Yamaguchi0 ptsJapaneseHONDAGresini Racing Moto2
46.Sascha Hommel0 ptsGERHONDAMGM Racing Performance MC
47.Santiago Hernandez0 ptsCOLHONDAMatteoni C.P. Racing
48.Roman Ramos0 ptsSPAMIRMIR Racing
49.Roger Lee Hayden0 ptsUSAHONDAAmerican Honda
50.Ricard Cardus0 ptsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
51.Patrik Vostarek0 ptsCZEHONDAVector Kiefer Racing
52.Niccolo Canepa0 ptsITAHONDABimota – M Racing
53.Mashel Al Naimi0 ptsQATHONDABlusens-STX
54.Kouki Takahashi0 ptsJPNHONDABurning Blood RT
55.Kev Coghlan0 ptsSCOHONDAMonlan Joey Darcey Team
56.Kazuki Watanabe0 ptsJPNHONDARacing Team Germany
57.Joan Olive0 ptsSPAHONDAJack & Jones by A.Banderas
58.Javier Fores0 ptsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
59.Ivan Moreno0 ptsSPAHONDAAndalucia Cajasol
60.Hiromichi Kunikawa0 ptsJPNHONDABimota – M Racing
61.Ferruccio Lamborghini0 ptsITAHONDAForward Racing
62.Dani Rivas0 ptsSPAHONDAMR Griful
63.Carmelo Morales0 ptsSPAHONDATenerife 40 Pons
64.Bernat Martinez0 ptsSPAHONDAMaquinza-SAG Team
65.Anthony Delhalle0 ptsFRAHONDAQatar Endurance Racing Team
66.Amadeo Llados0 ptsSPAHONDALlados Racing Team
67.Alexander Cudlin0 ptsAUSHONDABlusens-STX