Endurance Motocross

In this video, IMS Products gives an overview of the 24 Hours of Glen Helen, the iconic motocross endurance race in California.

JCR Honda, which uses IMS Prodcuts, took their second consecutive win at Glen Helen. But it didn’t stop there for IMS; Northland Precision Concepts Kawasaki’s team took second place while the John Burr Kawasaki team secured third, making it an all-IMS podium.

The 24 Hours Motocross race is one of the toughest off-road endurance races in the United States, and this year’s race was no exception.

The sprawling, 12.2-mile long track took riders through the famed motocross track, through the surrounding hills, around the truck racing stadium, and even made use of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Training facility. With lap times around 30 minutes, the motocross race demanded the most out of both the riders and their machines.

IMS oversized fuel tanks and Quick Fill system proved to play a pivotal role in the races by limiting the number of fuel pit stops teams needed to make and making those fuel stops as quick as possible.

Glen Helen 24 Hour Open Pro Results

1. JCR Honda: Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, Nick Brozovich, Benny Breck

2. Northland Precision Concepts Kawasaki: Robbie Bell, Gary Sutherlin, Ty Hames, Ryan Abbatoye

3. John Burr Kawasaki: Gordon Ward, Brad Goolsby, Nathan Parsons, Ryan Reina