2011 Yamaha VMAX in Hermes Leather

Custom Motorcycle

Leather and motorcycles have always been a pair, but the leather French craftsmen at the iconic Hermes wanted to take it one step further.

On display at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany, in early October, a certain Hermes-styled Yamaha VMAX attracted the eyes of many.

Hermes wrapped the machine in special leather attributes, creating a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that could only come from the technical house of Yamaha, and the fashionably house of Hermes.

The VMax motorcycle features loads of non-mechanical parts entirely upholstered in Skipper buffalo leather. The seat, tank, stem, headlight cover, grips, fenders and silencers are all leather covered.

Another special feature is the tool pouch, which is housed under the seat and specially designed by Hermes for the VMAX.

Yamaha says Skipper buffalo skin, a naturally waterproof, easy-care, mat leather, is perfect for outdoor use and adds to the VMAX motorcycle’s athletic personality.

The upholstery reinforces the sculptural lines of this unique object and underlines its emotional power. The mechanical pieces are also worked to complement the combination of leather and aluminum: the wing mirrors, meters and exhaust are all in brushed aluminum.

And this isn’t the first time Hermes dressed a Yamaha in leather; 15 years ago Hermes built a similar project, a Virago motorcycle covered in leather.

Projects such as the Hermes / VMAX partnership bring a new concept to the usual pairing of leather and motorcycles for the enjoyment of true, two-wheel enthusiasts.