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Motocross is a battle, and you’d better bring your "A" game whenever you show up-either that, or be prepared to eat a bucketful of roost.

But when you’re on a 2011 Honda CRF450R it’s everyone behind you who’ll be savoring that dirt-flavored banquet. Why? Because we’ve given the CRF450R some serious upgrades.

First, the 450 gets a new throttle body, new fuel injector, and new ECU mapping so the engine makes more low end and midrange torque, and also offers even better throttle response.

The power is easier to control, but without any loss of top end-better than ever for intermediate and expert riders alike.

And our chassis designers were just as busy, updating the CRF450R subframe and taking the opportunity to fine-tune the subframe’s stiffness.

A new rear shock link and lower shock mount for improved front/rear balance and better suspension action especially over square-edged bumps.

And finally, new 2011 AMA rules state that every MX bike will have to meet the new 94 decibel rule. Both our CRF450R and CRF250R do that easily, thanks to a new exhaust system that works in conjunction with the new FI settings.

So while the other guys might just change a muffler, that’s just where we started. And the first time the gate drops, it’s gonna show.

How you can make the world’s best MX bike even better.

The HRC Fuel-Injection Setting Tool lets you fine-tune your CRF450R’s fuel injection for specific track conditions. Just click on the link below, and you’ll get all the information you need.

A Winning Program.

Programmed Fuel Injection optimizes fuel/air delivery to seamless perfection, and with new-for-2011 ECU programming, the CRF450R’s performance is more responsive and more potent than ever.

More Control. Less Effort.

Developed by our factory racing team, the Honda Progressive Steering Damper is lightweight, compact and enhances cornering ability while reducing rider fatigue.

Ride with Team Honda.

What to see the CRF450R in action? Just check out our racing results!

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