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Having a romantic attraction to sportbikes, sport tourers and cruisers, I’ve been in search of a ride-it-all leather jacket for some time now. One that’s not too fashionably flashy, but one that’s not dull.

And along with style, I needed what all leather motorcycle jackets are designed for: keeping my skin in the event of a crash.

After some research, I was pulled towards the Shift Vantage Leather Jacket due to the subtle design that screams no-nonsense, classic motorcycling style. And as for safety, it features 1.2 – 1.4 mm leather, which is extremely soft and flexible, and CE-certified removable armor in the shoulder and elbows.

The Vantage doesn’t feature a back protector, nor does it have a slot for one. But this isn’t a jacket designed for sport riding; it’s set up for the upright-riding styles of a crusier or sport touring bike.

The Shift Vantage can still be used when taking that short jaunt downtown on a sportbike, although the comfort isn’t 100-percent there. The mild discomfort is mostly due to the lack of accordion stretch panels found on many sport-riding jackets, which are designed to allow additional freedom while reaching for the clip-ons.

But because the Shift Vantage jacket doesn’t have accordion-style stretch panels doesn’t mean it’s not flexible. The leather is extremely soft, and keeps you comfortable regardless of how much movement occurs.

For ventilation, the jacket features two zipper vents on the upper breast area; when unzipped, air wraps around the body and is pulled out through an exhaust vent across the upper back of the jacket. This back-exhaust vent does not feature a zipper, but is under a leather flap so even when it’s cooler you don’t feel any air coming in.

When the temps get cooler, make sure to layer wisely; the Vantage jacket doesn’t feature a zip-out liner like most othera. But again, the jacket is designed as a classic motorcycling jacket with the basics in mind.

And the great thing about a basic design lacking bulky protectors and a back protector? When you arrive somewhere, the jacket looks 100-percent casual, but still carries that motorcyclists appearance most of us crave.

Shift Vantage Jacket Features:

  • 1.2-1.4mm premium grain leather for superior abrasion resistance and comfort.
  • Articulated design for superior comfort.
  • Removable CE approved shoulder and elbow armor for impact protection.
  • Dual layer leather in key areas for added protection and abrasion resistance.
  • Custom zipper pullers and snaps for ease of use.
  • Integrated pocket for a back protector.
  • Custom zipper chest vents plus a back exhaust vent provides greater airflow and circulation.
  • Internal chest pockets for safer storage of your wallet, cell or personal items

Shift Vantage Jacket Price: $349.95

Shift Racing


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