Lauren Vickers: Playboy Bunny Photos

Lauren Vickers Photos

According the Lauren Vickers Facebook page, the Playboy Bunny Suit wearing model is now officially dating the LCR Honda MotoGP rider Randy De Puniet.

Working as a grid girl for the Playboy Italy sponsored LCR Honda MotoGP team and French racer in 2010, the brown-eyed woman is also the motorcycle team’s official spokes model.

Vickers has done a fantastic job getting the Honda motorcycle-racing team exposure on camera on MotoGP race weekends both on the grid and in the paddock area.

Vickers has become most famously known in the MotoGP world for wearing an eye-catching Playboy Bunny suit. With one of LCR Honda’s main sponsors being Playboy, it’s part of the job description and certainly not for those with inhibitions.

Back at the Silverstone MotoGP round, Lauren Vickers told our Ultimate MotorCycling reporter, “It’s such a fun thing to wear the Playboy Bunny suit. Some people say “How can you wear it, or you must have hang-ups about yourself in the outfit’.

“You can’t take yourself too seriously when your wearing bunny ears and a tail.” Laughs Lauren. “You have got cameras around you all the time, there’s no time to be shy.”

Standing tall at 5’11, Lauren Vickers is fittingly nicknamed ‘legs’. Her genuine for passion for the MotoGP scene is refreshing to see, especially considering she used to ride a motorcycle herself.