Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport Freestyle MX: Brice Izzo wins in Cologne

Freestyle MX: Brice Izzo wins in Cologne

Intermot FMX

After a four month longing summer break the Suzuki NIGHT of the JUMPs returned back to action last Saturday.

At the 7th contest of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship 10.253 spectators in Lanxess arena Cologne saw Worlds best Freestyle Motocross.

As World Cup leader Libor Podmol (CZE) was missing due to an injury Brice Izzo (FRA) and Jose Miralles (ESP), both on 2nd and 3rd position in the overall ranking, could come closer. Best did winner Izzo, who is now only 6 points away from the Czech rider.

After the riders presentation 12-year old German Luc Ackermann set a new record with the „youngest Backflip on a motorcycle” and pushed the crowd for the qualification round.

The difficult track in Cologne and the long summer break brought problems to some rider. Lukas Weis crashed his new 360. Massimo Bianconcini kissed the wall after the double up trick.

Also Brice Izzo was close to crash his Underflip, but landed it by an impressive riding technic, so he reached the finals. Jose Miralles, David Rinaldo, Brody Wilson and Fabian Bauersachs followed him with good runs.

2009 World Champion Remi Bizouard is back in action and comes closer to the top level he had before his long-term injury. He completed the field of riders for the finals.

Due to a Deadsailor Petr Pilat missed that only by a few points. Without that, he would have been in the next round with amazing tricks like his Sidesattle Take-off Backflip to Sidesattle Landing

The final round could have been titled as the battle of “France against the rest of the world”. Brice Izzo, David Rinaldo and Remi Bizouard against Germanys Fabian Bauersachs, Spains Jose Miralles and Americas Brody Wilson.

Rinaldo was a bit nervous in his first IFMXF final and crashed. But he was able to jump back on the bike and end his run. So he came on 6th position. Fabian Bauersachs styled clean and safe and landed on 5th place.

Brody Wilson did also an impressive run, but today he could not reach the podium. Therefore Remi Bizouard, Brice Izzo and Jose Miralles battled with tricks like Ruler Flip, Superman Seatgrab Flip and Stripper Flip. Best did Izzo, who put himself on top in Cologne. 2nd place went to Miralles ahead of Bizouard.

Young gun Kai Haase won the first ever Race & Style contest in Cologne and Africas Step-up King Alastair Sayer ruled in the Highest Air contest.

In the overall ranking of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships Izzo and Miralles come closer to Podmol. Podmol still leads with 112 points. Izzo is 2nd with 106 points followed by Miralles (104 points).

Next round of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship will be on 23rd October at the NIGHT of the JUMPs Riga.

FIM Freestyle MX: Cologne, October 9, 2010 – Round 7

1. Brice Izzo – FRA – FFM – Yamaha – 393 Points

2. Jose Miralles – ESP – RFME – KTM – 373 Points

3. Remi Bizouard – FRA – FFM – Yamaha – 373 Points

4. Brody Wilson – USA – AMA – Yamaha – 347 Points

5. Fabian Bauersachs – GER – DMSB – Suzuki – 299 Points

6. David Rinaldo – FRA – FFM – Yamaha – 309 Points

FIM Freestyle MX World Championships

1. Libor Podmol – CZE – ACCR – Suzuki – 112 Points

2. Brice Izzo – FRA – FFM – Yamaha – 106 Points

3. Jose Miralles – ESP – RFME – KTM – 104 Points

4. Rob Adelberg – AUS – MA – Yamaha – 72 Points

5. Massimo Bianconcini – ITA – ACCR – KTM – 70 Points

6. Brody Wilson – USA – AMA – Yamaha – 61 Points

7. Remi Bizouard – FRA – FFM – Yamaha – 54 Points

8. Alastair Sayer – BOT – MSA – Suzuki – 54 Points

9. Fabian Bauersachs – GER – DMSB – Suzuki – 53 Points

10. Lukas Weis – GER – DMSB – Suzuki – 48 Points

11. Petr Pilat – CZE – ACCR – KTM – 47 Points

12. David Rinaldo – FRA – FFM – Yamaha – 43 Points

13. Hannes Ackermann – GER – DMSB – KTM – 37 Points

14. Martin Koren – CZE – ACCR – KTM – 12 Points

15. Marcelo Simoes – BRA – CBM – Yamaha – 10 Points

16. Kai Haase – GER – DMSB – Suzuki – 8 Points

17. Freddy Peters – GER – DMSB – Yamaha – 3 Points

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