TTXGP Euro Champs: Brannetti & CRP

Electric Motorcycle Racing

Starting from a clean sheet only a few months ago, CRP Racing and the eCRP 1.2 entered the TTXGP EU series.

At Brands Hatch the team capped off two weeks of competition winning the third and fourth rounds of the TTXGP European Championship, securing the EU Cup of the premier Electric Motorcycle racing series.

Three victories, a second place and a pole, this is the plunder that CRP got in only two weeks and only in 4 races…this is the F1 class and the heritage of a company that knows the motorsport world deeply with all its rules at the highest level and they can praise the experience to have the capability to put on track a two wheel torpedo.

Working in motorsports highest levels helped prepare the team for the new challenges faced in this next generation of motorcycle racing.

CRP Racing worked in collaboration with other CRP Group companies such as CRP Technology to quickly create the eCRP 1.2 for competition. Utilizing the many skills available they have created an excellent example for this new motorcycle category.

With great passion and energy they targeted this new arena of racing and have scored a great success.

Italy wins at Brands Hatch

CRP Racing in an amazing weekend hoisted the Tricolor, with a burst of pride for made-in-Italy. Giving a clear demonstration of how Italian industry is able to cross the finish line first.

A winning strategy was key to their ability to overcome the challenges and triumph.

The choice of Alessandro “Branna” Brannetti to pilot the eCRP 1.2 is only one example of this strategy. Brannetti showed his skill early at the first race in Assen, quickly adapting his excellent riding style to the new bike and earning the respect of his team with his performance.

At Brands Hatch the hard work of the team and Branna’s skills were needed to face not only the strong competition, but also the weather.

The first round of the weekend became a sparring match between Italy, German and Belgium. As the laps wound down it became a duel between Allesandro Brennetti on the eCRP 1.2 and German rider Himmelmann with the Allesandro coming out as the victor.

Round two found the three riders Brannetti, Fastro, and Himmelmann out in front and pushing hard for the win. Brannetti worked the eCRP out in front to bring the team their second victory of the day, and to become the European Champions.

Now the Modena based team has turned its focus for the Final at Albacete on Oct. 23 and 24. This is the championship race that will bring all the TTXGP series competitors together from North America, UK, and Europe for the exciting conclusion of the 2010 season.

Beyond the goal of winning is still the greater ambition of bringing the green technology of the track to the streets. To deliver a high performance machine to riders who have a passion for performance and technology.