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The Sak_Art Design Consulting Studio, based in beautiful Tuscany, has garnered a decent amount of coverage in international motorcycle enthusiast publications as of late for their progressive Italian motorcycle designs.

The company presents itself as being strong on philosophy but wholly integrated with market trends.

Being Italian you can see the devotion toward Ducati, MV Agusta and Moto Guzzi, with a special focus on superbikes and MotoGP machines.

The results are stimulating eye candy born out of a passion for sleek, sexy things of the two-wheel variety.

Ultimately Sak_Art is a consultancy firm devoted to motorcycle design. Their mission statement appears to be how to take market analysis, customer demand, and changing trends to anticipate and evolve motorcycle design.

In other words, these engineering artists get to plod away all day on whatever their minds conjure. Using freehand art they create graphic sketches with styling cues and color schemes in a first phase of operation called, "Concept."

From there Sak_Art designers go to the second phase, which is called "CAS"-for Computer Aided Styling-where computers render more detailed graphic drawings intended to refine the concept and bring it into a more feasible arena.

Sak_Art’s goal is to influence motorcycle design and help companies to take actual designs to the third, and most crucial phase, "Design-Engineering," which translates their ideas into working prototypes.

For the curious there is the Sak_Art Book of Designs, downloadable here, which shows some of their work in sketch form, media attention and from page seven forward some of their incredible motorcycle designs.

It makes for interesting viewing for any motorcyclist with a penchant for something new.

For me it inspires notions of going back to school to learn drawing in order to get a job dreaming up new motorcycle designs while living in Tuscany.

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