2011 Yamaha Scooters | Euro Previews

2011 Yamahas

Yamaha Motor Europe recently announced their 2011 scooter line-up for the coming year. The highlight for the popular X-Max 125 and 250 bikes in 2011 is the optional ABS, which claims to significantly improve braking performance.

Wheel speed is monitored and regulated at both the front and rear, determining variations and compensating for spin by evening out distribution of braking force to the disc brakes. The result is increased control under braking.

The 2011 Yamaha X-Max line-up is also being expanded with two new models, the Sport and Business versions. The liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc and 250cc Sport have new designer styling, featuring a lower screen with all-new color scheme.

The 250cc has a passenger backrest for added comfort for the pillion position. New dashboard inserts, speedometer rings and Sport graphics lend a sporty appearance. Both machines have enough under-seat storage to fit two full-face helmets.

The 2011 Yamaha X-Max 125 Business has ABS standard for increased braking performance and added safety for city commuting on oily, wet and sketchy road surfaces. The Business Edition has increased wind protection in the form of a medium high wind screen and wind deflectors designed to help keep your work clothes from getting soiled by the elements.

Urban styling is courtesy new color schemes and dashboard graphics. A top case and glove compartment are standard and there's room for two full-face helmets under the seat.

Yamaha's 2011 Neo 4 is a popular choice for urban mobility in the form of a light 50cc scooter. The Neo represents an easy, effective way of getting around a city.

The Neo comes with Yamaha's Unified Brake System, which senses if the front and rear brakes are being applied unevenly and automatically compensates for the imbalance. 12" alloy wheels and a 190mm front disc brake round out this smart little urban commuter.

Also returning in the 50cc category will be the BW's and Slider Naked models. These stripped down versions present simple styling for playful and agile riding, a good combo for combating city traffic. Minimalistic throughout, from the instrument pod to the design cues, the naked machines attain their style via a sense of purpose.

2011 Yamaha Scooter Models

For 2011, the following Yamaha 250cc scooter models will be available:
• X-MAX 250 (in Magnetic Blue, Competition White, Midnight Black)
• X-MAX 250 ABS (in Competition White, Midnight Black)
• X-MAX 250 "Sport" (in Tech Armor)

For 2011, the following Yamaha 125cc scooter models will be available:
• Cygnus X (in Ice Blue, Competition White, Midnight Black)
• Vity (in Competition White, Gun Metallic)
• X-MAX 125 / X-MAX 125 ABS (in Lava Red, Midnight Black, Competition White)
• X-MAX 125 "Sport" (in Tech Armor)
• X-MAX 125 ABS "Business" (in Tech Armor)

For 2011, the following Yamaha 50cc scooter models will be available:
• BW's Original (in Tech Armor, Funky Blue, Competition White)
• BW's Naked (in Absolute White, Extreme Green)
• BW's 12inch (in Yamaha Blue)
• BW's NBA (in Competition White)
• Aerox R (in Yamaha Blue, Tech Armor, Competition White)
• JogR (in Satin Aluminium, Competition White)
• JogRR (in Midnight Black, Competition White)
• Neo's (in Satin Aluminium, Midnight Black, Competition White)
• Neo's 4 (in Highland Slate, Midnight Black, Competition White)
• Slider Naked (in Funky Blue, Absolute White)

For 2011, the following Yamaha gearbox models will be available:
• TZR50 (in Yamaha Blue, Midnight Black)
• DT50X (Supermotard) (in White Flash, Yamaha Black)
• DT50R (Enduro) (in Racing Blue, White Flash)


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