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America appears to finally be discovering the ease and cost-effective mobility that motor scooters offer. Europe (and the rest of world for that matter) has been embracing the benefits of small displacement, relatively inexpensive scooters for decades as a viable means of transportation.

America initially had a kind of honeymoon, a superficial flirtation with the scooter that started some years back as a fad but which is now evolving into a more substantial presence. Increasingly, major U.S. cities are seeing more of the diminutive buzzing two-wheeled vehicles as part of their commuting scene.

It’s great to see this new trend, driven by the ease of movement, accessibility, increased parking options, low fuel cost-as well as a certain aspect of green hipness-which scooters offer.

Scooters, by nature of design and character, tend to exude a kind of carefree, almost playful allure. However, the reality is, if you’re going to be traveling amongst four-thousand pound automobiles at any speed, there are inherent dangers and before you head out into the juggernaut of modern society it’s advised you get proper training, especially if you’re a newbie to motorcycling.

The fact is that thirty miles per hour is still thirty miles per hour. Having a mishap at what many might perceive as a harmless speed carries definite risks and dangers.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) created a free riders manual (MSF Scooter Riding Tips – download here) specifically created for scooters. The manual covers everything from proper apparel, safety gear, operational insights and riding tips, as well as overviews about the laws governing the streets.

As scooters become more of a presence in American cities it’s vital that people considering the benefits of getting out there on one take a moment to review the materials that MSF provides free of charge.

It’s worth the time. It will make you a better, safer, more aware rider and help reduce the risks you will be facing out on the streets. Be informed and be prepared. It will reward you with more enjoyment of what scooters have to offer.


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