Honda Intros 2011 Motorcycles & MUV

2011 Hondas

Honda has announced four 2011 street bikes, two dirt bikes and an MUV (Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicle). "The 2011 model year lineup continues to expand for Honda," according to Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino.

"Here we have a variety of very popular cruisers and customs, a pair of Honda off-road machines that have remained extremely popular with riders over the years, plus a revamped and very impressive Big Red MUV. Our selection of models for 2011 keeps growing and there will be more to follow."

The first two machines will be introduced in November 2010. The Honda CRF100F returns with no changes. It will continue to be a durable and reliable machine for youths or small adults to use as a trail riding machine.

The Big Red MUV is back, with some updates, including increased load carrying and towing capacity, revised suspension, a contoured bench seat is claimed to allows easier entry/exit, Maxxis Big Horn tires and a Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) that meets OSHA requirements.

The CRF100F will be available in red only, but you can get the Big Red in olive, Natural Gear Camouflage and, yes, red.

Five 2011 motorcycles will have their debut in December 2010. The Shadow RS sport cruiser gets a new paint job that reflects its AMA Flat Track Racing heritage. The red, white and blue color scheme recalls the RS racers ridden by Bubba Shobert and Ricky Graham. The Shadow Phantom, which was also introduced in 2010, is back in black only.

Those looking for a wilder 2011 ride will be happy to see the Honda Fury chopper and custom Honda Interstate bagger. The Fury will be available in Dark Red Metallic, Pearl White and Matte Orange Metallic. At a later date, Furys and Interstates with optional ABC and CBS (Combined Braking System) will be available.

Young off-road riders will be happy to see the December 2010 release of the 2011 Honda CRF80F, a classic youth motorcycle. It will be available in red only, just like it’s CRF-R racing cousins.