2011 Harley Softail: Supertrapp Exhaust

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SuperTrapp is one of the first to announce their exhaust options for the 2011 Harley-Davidson Softail models, offering everything from slip-ons to full systems and tunable to non-tunable exhausts.

The SuperTrapp softail exhaust with fit on the following models: Heritage Softail Classic (FLSTC), Fatboy Softail (FLSTF), Fatboy Lo Softail (FLSTFB), Heritage Nostalgia Softail (FLSTN), Softail Cross Bones (FLSTSB)

The Road Legends Phantom Pipe is a curvy 2:1 drag pipe designed by master bike-builder, Paul Yaffe. The four-piece stylized chrome plated heatshields come pre-installed. These make a bold statement with their artistically, Turned-Up Claw End Tips.

The Road Legends X Pipes, another Yaffe-design, offer that over-and-under shotgun look and sound. X Pipes offer that classic, deep, loud, drag pipe tone. The removable louvered baffles come pre-installed. Optional end caps and heatshields are available to customize the look.

Mean Mothers are serious. They offer a 33-percent weight savings and an 8-percent horsepower gain over stock. These are drag pipes with a Hot-Rod sounds that lets out an intense, booming roar. Four different pipe lengths and three different end cap options are available. The pre-installed baffles and heatshields are also replaceable.

The SuperTrapp and Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs both work with OEM forward and mid controls. Both are available in chrome or black. The SuperTrapp 2:1 is tunable and provides a 15=percent bolt-on horsepower gain across the board. Both feature a rebuildable core and packing.

The Silent Series 2:1 is a neighborhood-friendly pipe. It’s available in a Tunable Megaphone or a Non-tunable Straight Body. Rebuildable core and packing simplify maintenance.

The Internal Disc Series 2:1 is tunable and provides performance gains in an OE style, chrome muffler. The Fishtail End Cap sets off the customized look of this pipe.

FatShots Systems feature massive 2″ diameter 2:2 head pipes with 2.25″ heatshields. The 4″ diameter, flared-out mufflers add an aggressive look and the tunability feature of the system allows riders to adjust the sound level and performance.

Fat Duals 2:2 Systems are non-tunable and give bikes a battleship deck gun look with a distinguished attitude. They weigh 10% less than stock. They announce your arrival, but at a responsible sound level. There are 16 compatible end cap choices which allow riders to customize the look of theirs.

All Tunable SuperTrapp exhausts include discs and truly demonstrate the performance and customization that a tunable exhaust has to offer as it doesn’t lock you into any one sound or performance. Rather, it allows you to adjust your exhaust to your riding style.

Adding discs will increase the horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Subtracting discs will reduce the sound and increase low-end torque.

There’s something for everyone.

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Name / Part Number / MSRP

Road Legends Phantom Pipe System – Brushed Silver* / 138-71570 / $1045

Road Legends Phantom Pipe System – Black* / 138-71572 / $1045

Road Legends X Pipes System – Chrome* / 138-71574 / $873

Road Legends X Pipes System- Black* / 138-71576 / $901

Road Legends X Pipes System – Silver / 138-71578 / $922

Mean Mothers System – Chrome – Short Length* / 138-72570 / $669

Mean Mothers System – Chrome – Standard Length* / 138-72572 / $669

Mean Mothers System – Chrome – Long Length* / 138-72574 /$729

Mean Mothers System – Chrome – Staggered* / 138-72576 / $669

SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs System – Black* / 827-71572 / $749

SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs System – Chrome* /828-71572 / $699

Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs System – Chrome* / 128-71572 / $629

Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs System – Black* / 127-71572 / $699

Silent Series 2:1 System – Chrome Megaphone* / 878-71572 / $729

Silent Series 2:1 System – Straight Cut* / 178-71572 / $729

Internal Disc Series 2:1 System – Chrome w/ Fishtail End Cap / 628-71570 / $889

Kerker 2:1 Merge System – Chrome / 128-71570 / $699

Mean Mothers System – Black – Short Length* / 137-72570 / $679

Mean Mothers System – Black – Standard Length* / 137-72572 / $679

Mean Mother System – Black – Long Length* / 137-72574 / $679

Mean Mothers System – Black – Staggered* / 137-72576 / $679

FatShots 2:2 Series System – Chrome / 828-71660 / $929

Fat Duals 2:2 System – Chrome / 148-71570 / $890