Wire Plus Powersports Electronics: Z1 System

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Wire Plus Powersports Electronics introduces their new, state-of-the-art Z1 Standard Mid Frame System.

These new systems have the smallest power modules ever. These were specifically designed for Bobber- and Chopper -style bikes with round oil tanks or springs under the seat with no place to hide anything (like many Harley-Davidsons ).

Wire-Plus products are built to survive the rugged urban environment. Their products feature vibration resistant, solid-state breaker technology (the breakers never have to be replaced) and a replaceable start relay that can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Their power modules are submersible waterproof and very compact in size with harnesses that are engineered to be smaller than any other on the market. The lighting control module controls the operation of the front and rear turn signals and provides load equalization and auto cancelling.

It also operates the rear turn signals as brake lights and running lights with one wire hook-up.

The new Z1 Standard Mid Frame System offers the same features as their Z1 Mini Mid Frame System, but comes with a longer billet cover for mounting both the Z1 power module and the lighting control/auto-cancel module in one compact location.

It measures 3.67" W x 2.21" H x 1.10" Deep. Wire Plus’ main focus is on the reliability of everything that they manufacture.

WP181: Mid Frame system with harness for stock style handlebar controls. Includes a separate breaker and wiring for correct connection of compression releases needed for big inch motors. (Lighting control module included)

For those interested in obtaining more information on Wire Plus, you can reach them at (620) 221-2417, check them out online at wire-plus.com, or email them at sales@wire-plus.com.


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