Marquez Crash at 125cc Brno Practice

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A bad start to the Czech Republic Grand Prix for Marc Márquez who, despite setting the third best time, suffered a bad fall on the exit of turn 3, with the rear wheel of his Derbi skidding, he was thrown into the air.

During the incident, Márquez suffered a dislocated left shoulder – in Jerez, during the Spanish Grand Prix, he dislocated the right – and even though the weather forecasts predict rain, Márquez will try to tackle Sunday’s race, overcoming his battered physical condition.

The current leader of the 125cc class began the practice with care, picking up race pace little by little. Positioned amongst the fifteenth top classified half of the session, the Repsol rider climbed up the timesheets step by step, positioning himself in second place behind Nico Terol who, on his return to competition after injuring himself at the Catalunya Grand Prix, finished at the top of the timesheets in the first free practice.

The incident happened when the session was drawing to a close. In his last lap, Marc flew off his bike and suffered a complete dislocation of his left shoulder in the fall.

He was quickly moved to the medical centre for Czech circuit where Dr. Costa immediately reduced the dislocation. He carried out some physiotherapeutic treatment with ice and a functional bandage and tomorrow morning he will assess the possibilities for running in the free practice or the qualifying sessions.

Marc Marquez says: “Right now, it hurts a bit but, given the circumstances, I feel quite good and that makes me feel positive. It was quite a fast fall and I hit the floor sharply which put my shoulder out. Tomorrow, if the doctor lets me, we’ll try to do a few laps and then assess the situation. It’s similar to the injury from Jerez although here they reduced the dislocation more quickly.”

“The shoulder came out forwards instead of upwards and it doesn’t hurt so much. As soon as they got me to the circuit hospital, Doctor Costa put it back in place and I would like to thank him for his work because it wasn’t necessary to sedate me, unlike in Jerez. It was faster, less painful and they treated me really well. Tonight, I’ll get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow, when I wake up, we’ll see how I am and decide if I try to go for the morning or leave it until the official qualifying session.”


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