Redline: Café Racer Caffeine

Coffee for Motorcyclist

Motorcycling and coffee have been irreversibly connected since the first bike was kickstarted. In fact, an entire genre of motorcycles-the café racer-is tied to the notion that coffee should be consumed when enjoying our sport.

Almost every Ultimate MotorCycling test ride includes a stop to refill our caffeine supply and, happily, we have now found a coffee source that recognizes our obsession in return.

Redline Coffee Club is a motorsports-inspired company that sends you two 12-ounce air-tight foil-lined degassed bags of whole beans per month for your grinding and brewing pleasure.

Using only coffee certified as organic per USDA standards, Redline deals exclusively with farmers in the Fair Trade System. This allows you to enjoy your coffee guilt-free, from both ethical and health perspectives.

Motorsports themed roasts include an espresso-roast Open Throttle, dark-roast Ralleye, and even a Downshift Decaf. Although freshness can be an issue with mail order coffee, Redline's carefully controlled inventory does not seem to suffer.

I am very impressed with its medium-roast Double Clutch, which is smooth and a little lighter than I expected. In contrast, Apex, an Ethiopian/Bolivian blend, is a little more robust without being overpowering or bitter.

Joe Bank says: "Coffee has been another long time passion of mine," the Redline Coffee owner tells us. "It started with a journey in pursuit of the tastiest French press, to learning how to brew the perfect double espresso. It wasn't long before I was trying to grow an actual coffee tree in my home!"

"I've always wanted to be a part of the coffee and café culture, and so several years ago I started learning straight from the roasters on how to master this art."

Redline Coffee Club allows you to tailor your deliveries to individual tastes, as well as make purchases of Special Limited Edition Roasts as they become available.

After grinding motorcycle pegs all day, there's little more rewarding and relaxing than preparing and enjoying a perfectly brewed cup.


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