Ronnie Renner Moto X Step Up: Pole Vaulter

FMX Video

Defending X Games Moto X Step Up Champion Ronnie Renner attempts to gain an edge in the upcoming 2010 X Games 16 by training with American pole vaulter Chelsea Johnson.

One of the great personalities of freestyle motocross, Renner matches his stellar mx riding skills with break-dancing routines and hilarious interviews.

Over the last few years he’s backed away from freestyle progression and no longer competes in Freestyle comps, instead focusing on demos and crazy World Record attempts (he jumped nearly 65 ft out of a quaterpipe, breaking his own record, in 2009).

But there’s one comp he embraces: XG Step Up. He’s a favorite to take another gold this year to match his first-place medals from ’07 and ’09. Click video to learn more.