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Someone like Marco Confortola, the Italian extreme mountain climber, could be defined as “crazy.” He slipped on his skis for a downhill run at more than 200 Km/h in the flying kilometer, a straight downhill course for top speed, and he reached the top of K2, the second highest mountain in the world, without the help of the artificial oxygen.

During the trek on K2 he lost 11 friends as they tried to return down the mountain. Confortola slept on the slopes of the mountain, holding on to a rope. He also lost all his toes to frostbite, but survived to tell his story.

However while he accepts extreme risks, every single action, even the most extreme action is calculated. His passion for two-wheeled vehicles pushed him to enroll in motorcycle riding school, to take lessons at Corsidiguida in Italy, coming into contact for the first time with the new MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR.

Confortola has never experienced riding on a circuit and has never worn a leather suit. For these reasons he decided that it is best to rely on experts for advice. He followed all the advice of his friend Roberto Locatelli with great care and admiration.

Roberto Locatelli says: “When you are riding a very powerful motorcycle, such as the Brutale 1090RR, and you have a chassis that enables you to ride to the limit, it is unthinkable to try to learn on your own. The precious advice of those like Locatelli enable you to control the bike, to approach the limit without undue risk of being injured.”

“I am a mountain rescuer, as well, I know the importance of the rules and of safety. Too often I am called upon to assist those who are improvised amateurs”.

Marco Confortola says: “The MV Brutale is an easy bike to ride as long as you use half of its available hp to take advantage of the remaining hp you need experience and respect. I am not used to this power, and I thank the chassis, the suspension and the brakes of the Brutale, which enable me to recover any mistake I make. What is really exciting, almost like reaching 8,000 meters at a high altitude while mountain climbing, was touching the ground with my knee for the first time riding on a bend.”

Roberto Locatelli says: “We share something, we both suffered due to serious accidents, I suffered for the accident at Jerez, Marco for the loss of all his toes on his descent from K2. Passion for sport, for life, has given us the motivation for our way out. Marco, unlike me, is still immersed in his activity. He is very strong and tireless. The circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo wears out anyone, above all in warm weather. He never gets exhausted, his desire to continue riding round the circuit is insatiable. Is there too much oxygen down here? “


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