TTXGP: Anglesey Circuit Preview


Following the exciting opening round at Snetterton, the first ever zero carbon emission championship in the UK continues at the picturesque setting of the Anglesey Circuit.

The second round of the UK’s inaugural zero carbon emission eGrandPrix will take place this weekend in North Wales at the Coastal Circuit, Anglesey.

After Jim Lovell and Tork’s impressive performance at Snetterton, the rest of the grid is sure to have been hard at work developing their bikes to close the gap and push the Indian team for the lead in the championship.

Arvind Rabadia (Team Leader of Team Agni) says: “We were happy with the way that the bikes ran at Snetterton, so we’ve just been working on making minor changes to set them up for the Anglesey track and make the riders as comfortable on them as possible. However, we are always working on development in the background to push our motors and bikes to the next level, so stay tuned for some exciting improvements in the near future.”

Fully aware of the pressure of being at the top of the championship standings, Kapil Shelke, Tork India Team Leader remains focused.

Kapil Shelke says “The two Team Agni bikes are fast and could out‐brake us at Snetterton, so we’ve just been focussing on the braking system and making it more effective, which should help us stay at the head of the pack in Anglesey.”

TTXGP are eager to see these developments in action, as the teams continue to push the boundaries of technology and test it on arguably one of the most demanding platforms available, the race track.

TTXGP aren’t the only ones who can’t wait for the second round to commence, says Rob Moon, Team Agni’s rider who narrowly pipped his teammate, Jenny Tinmouth to second place at Snetterton.

Rob Moon says: “Riding the Agni bike at Snetterton was a strange feeling at first and I was a bit apprehensive, but once I got out on the track I quickly got used to it and managed to go quicker in every session. Although this will be my first trip to Anglesey, I’m really looking forward to riding in the TTXGP again this weekend and hopefully we can have as great a race as we did at Snetterton.”

The atmosphere at Snetterton was fantastic and we expect the same interest and excitement at Anglesey. The sport is growing in stature at a phenomenal rate and is really proving that the UK can lead the world in new technology and forward thinking, competitive motorsport.

Unfortunately, Imperial College haven’t been able to resolve their electrical issues and will not be starting in Anglesey, but the grid from Snetterton will be continuing with TTXGP and taking to the start line this weekend.

Rider Points:
1. Jim Lovell, 25
2. Rob Moon, 20
3. Jenny Tinmouth, 16
4. Pete Ward, 13
5. James McBride, 11
6. Adam Palfreman, 10
7. Annie Seel, 9
8. Harry Hardi, 8
9. Russ Licence, 0


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