2011 Kawasaki KX250F | Press Launch Video

Motocross Review

Editors from top motorcycle publications test ride the new 2011 Kawasaki KX250F with fuel injection at Budd’s Creek, MD. Check out Ultimate MotorCycling‘s own Reid Davis at 1:36.

For 2011, the goal was an even faster and more ridable KX250F. The big news is the addition of Digital Fuel Injection (DFI) that not only helps produce stunning – and more useable – power, but also makes tuning a much easier proposition.

The simple and highly efficient DFI system incorporates a compact and lightweight Electronic Control Unit (ECU), a 43mm throttle body, a lightweight aluminum fuel pump and an ultra-fine atomizing injector.

You’ll find more significant changes farther downstream, such as higher compression – now 13.5:1 vs. 13.2:1 – via a modified cylinder and changes to the top of the exclusive Bridged-Box Bottom piston.

Transmission and final-drive ratios have been altered slightly to match the engine’s newfound response, and a modified shifting mechanism allows you to access those speeds more easily and smoothly.

The 2011 Kawasaki KX250F chassis has been massaged every bit as thoroughly as the engine, with Kawasaki’s new Separate Function Fork (SFF) leading the list of changes. Unlike a conventional fork design, where each fork leg handles both springing and damping, the SFF separates spring and damping functions for improved performance, 25 percent less friction, lower weight and easier adjustability.

The right leg accommodates the spring side of the equation, incorporating a larger main spring/rod assembly than traditional forks, plus a small amount of oil for lubrication. Spring preload is now adjustable via a blue-anodized adjuster on the right leg’s cap. The left leg handles damping duty, with only its cartridge damper assembly and fork oil inside the tube.

Kawasaki also offers a comprehensive contingency program for amateur and professional riders who place well at designated events.


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