Motocross: Rockstar Suzuki Injuries Mount

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The Rockstar Energy Suzuki AMA Pro Motocross team has experienced an unfortunate series of crashes / injuries recently, with team riders Tommy Hahn, Jake Moss, Blake Baggett, Ryan Morais, and Hunter Hewitt all taking time off from racing to recover. Their diagnoses, projected recovery time, and return to racing is as follows.

Tommy Hahn: Tommy had an MRI performed on the foot he injured during moto 2 of the Thunder Valley National on Saturday, June 26. Tommy is expected to be back on track in time for the Spring Creek National in Millville, MN, on July 17th.

Jake Moss: Jake spent two nights in the hospital under careful observation after a crash at Thunder Valley. Jake’s recovery time is expected to be about eight weeks, but it is still too early to tell when he will be fit enough to race again. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Blake Baggett: Blake suffered a broken humerus during a crash while practicing at Budds Creek. The break is healing well, and ahead of schedule. Team Manager Bill Keefe said, “We will monitor Blake’s progress. It is too early to determine when he will be able to return to the National series.”

Ryan Morais: Ryan suffered an injury during practice at the Freestone National on June 5th, and underwent reconstructive surgery a few days later. “We hope to see Ryan back on his Suzuki practicing within a couple of weeks,” Keefe said. “At that point, we will have a better idea of when he will return to the National series.”

Hunter Hewitt: Hunter injured his knee in practice after the Thunder Valley National. He has a torn meniscus that required surgery and is taking a few weeks off to heal. Keefe said, “We’re hoping to have him back on the bike by Unadilla.”

Due to these recent injuries suffered by the Rockstar Energy Suzuki riders, the team has brought on Jarred “Jet” Browne to race in the AMA Pro Motocross 450 class in their absence.

The 22-year-old California native has a history of racing 450 bikes, and came up through the Suzuki amateur racing program.

“We’re glad to have Jarred onboard,” said Team Manager Bill Keefe. “He’s a long-time Suzuki racer with a lot of experience on 450s.”

Jarred’s first moto at RedBud got off to a rocky start, and the young racer finished 34th. In the second moto, Jarred come back in a big way with a 13th-place finish. Browne finished the day in 18th overall, and is looking to improve on those results at the next race in Millville.


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