MotoGP: Repsol Wrecking Crew to Catalunya

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For the third week running, Motorcycling World Championship activity continues and all the excitement of motorcycle racing reaches the Circuit de Catalunya.

The seventh race in the World Championship stops over in Spain for the second time this season, with the Repsol riders as candidates for the win in both MotoGP and 125cc.

Dani Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Márquez have proven to be on top form this season and this Sunday, all three will be 'playing at home'.

In MotoGP, a recovered Dani Pedrosa, who has already won in all categories at the Catalan track, will be the centre of attention throughout the weekend.

This season's work has taken him, despite certain inconsistency, to second in the overall standings and although he was left on the threshold of the win in Jerez, there is no doubt that at the Circuit de Catalunya, he will fight for the top step of the podium.

A result that Andrea Dovizioso is also seeking, who has claimed four podium finishes this season but none of them on the top step. The Repsol rider has secured his place in the leading group, sitting third in the overall standings and his goal is to add a second win in the category.

His consistency has allowed him to be among the fastest and at a circuit where he won in 125cc in 2006, the Repsol rider aims to be in the leading group again.

A group in which Marc Márquez has become lord and master in 125cc. In Mugello, the Repsol rider claimed his first World Championship win and since then, he has notched up three in a row in all possible ways: group races, one-on-one and solo.

Marc Márquez has become the man to beat in the lowest cylinder category and with the leading position still eleven points away, his thirst for victory puts him in the group of firm candidates for victory.

Far from letting himself get carried away by the euphoria, Ajo Motorsport has given Emilio Alzamora's protégé the peace and patience that have allowed him to take this significant step forward and work rigorously from the first minute on the track.

The excitement will be at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend and the Repsol riders will be among a select group of leading players. This weekend, the seventh World Championship Grand Prix.

Dani PEDROSA says: "I arrive at Catalunya GP in a very good mood. The last race in Assen was an excellent example of how we will never give up. The practice sessions were very difficult but our team never became downhearted and we were working until the final moments to get a good result. I'm happy with the race because I was able to maintain a high pace from the first lap to the last and I hope we can do that again in Catalunya."

"So far this season we have alternated between bad and good results at each race, but hopefully we can reach a high level again in Barcelona - everybody in my team is ready to go for it. It's a circuit I always love to ride at because it's very much my home race. My family and friends are there and, together with my fans, I feel more than anywhere else that I'm surrounded by supporters."

"I really want them to enjoy the weekend. Last year this race was very t ough because I was injured and in pain, and I had to race with a pain-killing injection. This time we go to the Catalunya GP in good shape. We know that we will need to work very hard to set up the bike because at this circuit it is always difficult to find a good machine setting, and the one we used in Assen will probably not be right for this circuit."

"But I hope to get the bike sorted by Saturday, do a good qualifying practice and be prepared to fight at the maximum level in the race. So far when we've been at the front it's been our hard work that has got us there, so we must continue pushing like this in Barcelona this weekend."

Andrea DOVIZIOSO says: "I'm happy to be going to the Catalunya Grand Prix straight after the last race so that we can quickly turn page on the result in Assen and aim for a good result in Montmelo. This is one of my favourite circuits, it suits my riding style and I think it should be good also for the Honda RC212V machines."

"It's a long track with fast corners and it's a great feeling when you find the right flow and link one turn with the next. There is also a fantastic atmosphere at this track, and when you enter the final four corners it feels like a stadium and the sensation is incredible."

"I have always had good results here and I'm feeling really motivated. We have been strong so far this season and generally we have been improving race by race. We've finished on the podium quite a few times, and thanks to the work we put in over the winter we've been closer to front- running pace at most races. Still, we need to take another step forward so that we can compete for victory - that's what we'll try to do this weekend. I'm looking forward to the next challenge in Spain"

Marc MÁRQUEZ says: "The motivation and confidence in the team for this race are at one hundred percent. After three wins, you can't ask for more and we must enjoy the moment, although we know that every race is different and we have to take it step-by-step. It won't be easy to repeat but racing at home, with all the fans, friends and family, we want to do it well. Anyhow, we'll try to think of it as just another Grand Prix because the enthusiasm and euphoria of the fans can sometimes play dirty tricks."

"It's a difficult track; we'll have to focus hard on the work to be done, especially on Friday. It's similar to Mugello or Brno: long with fast, blind turns that are more complicated than others. We hope that from Friday, we start well and things go smoothly. Last year, I clocked up the fastest race lap, which means that it's a circuit that I ride well at, so this year, our aim will be to fight for a place on the podium."


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