2011 Husqvarna TE250 | Enduro Preview

Enduro Bike

The Husqvarna TE250 4-stroke enduro gets an updated design, chassis and engine for 2011. Antoine Meo and Matti Seistola have tested and ridden to victory the TE250 in the first part of the world enduro championship.

Now the motorcycle is ready to meet the wider public in the dealerships and at enduro races throughout the world. The TE250 is one of the higher performing 250 cc four-stroke enduro of the moment.

For 2011 the most important changes concern chassis parts, as the 2010 version engine already had the new battery-less Mikuni fuel injection system. The chassis has been redesigned and reinforced at the specific request of the official Ch Racing team, with a streamlined area below the cradle preventing knocks from uneven surfaces.

The area around the footrests and rear brake pump has been improved to reduce heel contact. This helps us facilitate better movement by the rider on the pedals. A single plate covers the footrest and rear brake pump/pedal connections.

The suspension has been optimized, with a dedicated setting for enduro racing, both for the Kayaba forks and the Sachs shock absorber.

In order to better facing the longest and most extreme enduro trials the fuel tank capacity has been increased to 8.5 liters. The tank has a new pump, which enables 100% exploitation of fuel available.

The air box has been redesigned to better hold the filter sponge and improve resistance to water. The engine guards are made of a new material, providing better protection against knocks.

The mirror-finish aluminum hubs are new, now with standard perforations. The bodywork has new graphics on the tank side panels, with In Mould Plastic Decoration, which is incorporated in the actual material, not applied afterwards.  The design and look of hand guards included in the kit are also new.

The engine has been redesigned, improving power at low revs thanks to the ability to choose between 2 different CDI maps configuration through handlebar switch – for hard or soft ground, depending on the style of riding and condition of the track.

The layout of radiator hoses is new, as well as the position of the exhaust silencer now with new db killer and heat protection.

2011 TE250 Motorcycle Changes Summary:
• New Chassis, Redesigned And Reinforced
• New Hubs
• New Graphics
• New Engine Guards
• Waterproof Spark Plug Cover
• New Exhaust Pipe Heat Protector
• Engine Crank-Case With Steel Chassis Sockets
• New Silencer Layout And Db Killer
• New CDI With 2 Maps Selectable From A Switch On The Handlebar
• New Air Box
• New Layout Of Radiator Tubes
• New Headlight Support
• New 8.5l Tank
• New Front And Rear Suspension Setting
• New Hand Guards

This model will be available from the end of July 2010 at Husqvarna dealerships.


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