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Yoshimura has been in the business of tuning performance fuel-injection systems for years. Those years of experience lead to the development of the PIM-2 unit, a powerful device capable of remapping and optimizing fuel delivery on any fuel-injected motorcycle.

This powerful device is now available for the fuel-injected 2010 Suzuki RMX450Z, the new off-road racing machine based on the successful RM-Z450 design, and is sure to give Suzuki racers everywhere a competitive edge.

The PIM-2 is designed to optimize the RMX450Z’s fuel-injection system by remapping the delivery of fuel to the engine, giving you more power throughout the RPM range, and better throttle response.

The unit comes pre-loaded with two fuel maps for use with Yoshimura exhaust systems, and there are dozens of additional custom maps available for download on the Yoshimura website.

For those who are looking for even greater customization, the included software can be used to create a custom map to fit whatever conditions you and your machine might face.

The PIM-2 can also be combined with the optional DATA Box accessory, which includes an air/fuel sensor and amplifier designed to automatically fine-tune the PIM-2’s fuel map for maximum performance.

This self-mapping feature allows for quick and easy tuning to match specific track conditions, and saves the time and money required for a custom dyno-tune.

Both the PIM-2 and DATA Box accessories install quickly and easily on any 2010 RMX450Z. Both units plug directly into the stock wiring harness, and are easy to mount thanks to the detailed installation instructions and the provided mounting hardware.

The DATA Box’s air/fuel sensor may require minor modification to the exhaust pipe to accept the sensor fitting.

EMS PIM-2 Unit
P/N R-433-2191
MSRP $339.95

Yoshimura DATA BOX
Part Number: R-433-DATA
MSRP $429.00


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