Yoshimura Parts: Kawasaki KX450F & KX250F

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Yoshimura R&D has announced that they have extended their lineup of RS-2 Comp and RS-2 Pro exhausts to include Slip-ons and Full Systems for the 2009-2010 KX450F and the 2010 KX250F.

They have also developed a new version of their PIM-2 unit and DATA Box for the 2009-2010 KX450F to re-tune the electronic fuel-injection system for more power and better throttle response.

Both of these bikes are a blast to ride from the factory, but put Yoshimura in the mix and they quickly turn from fun Sunday rides into ferocious performance machines!

RS-2 Exhaust Systems

The RS-2 is the spiritual successor of Yoshimura’s original TRC design. It features a pyramidal shape that allows for a larger interior volume, meaning higher exhaust flow with less noise.

Thanks to this design the RS-2 makes great power, gives you that classic Yoshimura sound, and keeps noise pollution to a minimum.

The full RS-2 Comp system pairs the race-proven RS-2 exhaust with a Yoshimura-designed header and mid-pipe for even bigger power gains.

The full system includes a stainless steel header and mid-pipe, stainless/aluminum RS-2 muffler with USFS-approved spark-arrestor insert, all of the necessary installation hardware, and detailed instructions for easy setup.

The RS-2 Pro series uses the same design as the RS-2 Comp, but is available in both titanium/titanium and titanium/carbon construction for the more competitive racers looking to save some weight.

In addition to these lightweight, high-strength materials, Yoshimura also skips the spark-arrestor insert in favor of an AMA Pro-Racing sound insert for closed-course competition.

The RS-2 Pro system includes a titanium header and midpipe, titanium/titanium or titanium/carbon muffler, and is just as easy to install thanks to the included hardware and instructions.

2009-2010 KX450F

RS-2 Stainless/Aluminum Full System
Part Number: 2446503
MSRP: $595.00

RS-2 Titanium/Carbon Full System
Part Number: 2446162
MSRP: $895.00

RS-2 Titanium/Titanium Full System
Part Number: 2446167
MSRP: $845.00

RS-2 Stainless/Aluminum Slip-On
Part Number: 2446703
MSRP: $395.00

2009-2010 KX250F

RS-2 Stainless/Aluminum Full System
Part Number: 2427503
MSRP $595.00

RS-2 Titanium/Carbon Full System
Part Number: 2427162
MSRP $895.00

RS-2 Titanium/Titanium Full System
Part Number: 2427167
MSRP $845.00

RS-2 Stainless/Aluminum Slip-On
Part Number: 2427703
MSRP $395.00

PIM-2 Unit and DATA Box

Yoshimura has been a leader in high-performance EFI management systems for years, and those years of experience lead to the development of the PIM-2, an advanced fuel-mapping device that plugs right into your stock wiring harness.

Each PIM-2 unit comes pre-loaded with two different fuel maps designed for use with either a Yoshimura Slip-on muffler, or a Full Exhaust System.

If those presets aren’t enough for you, the Yoshimura website has dozens of additional configuration maps available for you to download and install.

Each PIM-2 kit includes the PIM-2 unit, mounting kit, software disc, USB connector cable, and simple installation instructions.

The PIM-2 can also be paired with the DATA Box system, which includes an air-fuel sensor and an amplifier box that connects to the PIM-2.

With this system installed, the PIM-2 can automatically adjust the air and fuel mixture, and create new custom fuel-maps to maximize performance on the track.

Each DATA Box kit comes with the necessary installation hardware, but may require minor modification of the exhaust system to accept the air-fuel sensor fitting.

Part Number: R-433-2446
MSRP: $339.95

Yoshimura DATA Box
Part Number: R-433-DATA
MSRP: $429.00