Melissa Paris: Geared For World Supersport

Miller SBK Report

Melissa Paris and MPH Racing are participating in World Supersport this weekend at Miller Motorsports Park, part of the HANNspree FIM Superbike World Championship thanks to the overwhelming support of new and existing sponsors and fans.

MPH Racing would like to thank the many current sponsors who came forward to increase their support for this race.

GB Racing, makers of engine case covers and other crash protection stepped up support for this extra event. Similarly, Barbara Conner Jewelry also got on board immediately to help the effort.

Using kit parts available from Yamaha and GYTR, Rick Matheny of RM Racing was able to build an engine that should give their Yamaha R6 some extra speed on Miller's extra long front straight.

MPH Racing is excited to welcome new sponsor,, a message board for Yamaha enthusiasts. The members of this community were able to meet their sponsorship goal through donations in a mere 18 hours.

Perhaps even more overwhelming, has been the outpouring of support from individuals from the racing community.

Melissa Paris says: "It's been amazing to see how many people and companies have come forward in support of this effort. It has been so inspiring to me, to have individuals make such generous contributions to my race program. The friends I've made racing have been so cool, but I never dreamed that they would be so invested in helping me achieve my goals."

"I know there is no way I would be racing this weekend without the support of my friends, Lou, David/Motogeezer, GBehavior, and the countless others who made contributions even by purchasing a t-shirt off of"

MPH Racing and Melissa Paris would further like to thank all 2010 sponsors for their help in this race program: Yamaha ·GYTR ·Joe Rocket ·Leo Vince ·RM Racing ·Barbara Conner Jewelry ·Millennium Technologies ·Vesrah ·Factory Bodyworks ·Zero Gravity ·Motion Pro ·Spiegler ·Royal Purple ·XT Racing ·Dynojet


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