Dubach To Ride Marty Moates Tribute Lap

USGP Glen Helen

During the USGP on May 30th there will be a tribute to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Marty Moates historic victory at the 1980 Carlsbad USGP.

The ‘Moates Cup’ will present $5,000 to the top-finishing American rider at Glen Helen along with a Lap of Honor.

The Lap of Honor will celebrate Moates victory and recognize the man that changed the face of American motocross.

Doug "The Doctor" Dubach was humbled, yet ecstatic, when approached to be the rider to represent Marty Moates.

Dubach will ride the # 23 LOP Yamaha in Moates replica gear around Glen Helen, paying tribute to one of his earliest idols.

Doug Duback says: "It’s an honor to represent Marty Moates and his historic ride at the 1980 USGP," says Dubach. "Race fans will see the # 23 Yamaha and, in a small way, pay tribute to the man who literally changed the face of motocross in the US. I’m sure it will be one of the most memorable laps I’ll experience at Glen Helen."

DR. D invites race fans to stop by the DR. D pit area for an autographed poster and to view the #23 LOP Yamaha.

For more information, please visit www.dubachracing.com.


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