MotoGP Signs Agreement with Hertz

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Car and equipment rental provider Hertz and MotoGP rights holders Dorna Sports have put pen to paper on a one-year deal, with the possibility of an extension, which will see Hertz provide Dorna with a range of services throughout the 2010 World Championship.

The organizers of MotoGP will benefit from the rental of Hertz cars, as well as the services of the Hertz Equipment Rental company Hertz Energy Services (HES), which provides portable power and temperature control solutions for sports events, concerts, festivals, industries, and power companies.

HES will supply generators to be used in the MotoGP Paddock, and climate equipment and systems for the VIP Village, as the premier class of motorcycling calls on various locations around the world.

Underlining their status as an international car and equipment service provider on a global scale, Hertz will facilitate the smooth operation of each round of the FIM World Championship through the provision of the aforementioned range of services, and MotoGP is the perfect stage for these qualities to be displayed on.

Dorna will also benefit greatly from the partnership by being able to rely on a global service provider in Hertz, as it supplies a range of highly important services all at the same time.

Managing Director of Dorna Pau Serracanta said: "The fact that a multinational company such as Hertz views MotoGP as a perfect platform on which to promote their services on a global scale speaks volumes, is a fantastic thing for the World Championship.

Hertz fits perfectly into the profile of what is required to ensure that MotoGP operates fluently, especially with the amount of travelling and international organising involved.

The effectiveness of how this all comes together is central to making the World Championship a success. To be able to rely on Hertz is a huge positive for Dorna and MotoGP."

Gerry Plescia, Executive Vice President, and President Hertz Equipment Rental (HERC) commented: "Hertz is the only provider of both car and equipment rental, and is able to offer a full multiservice solution for MotoGP. Whether it’s keeping VIPs cool in the event village or supplying rental cars, Hertz will be there to help MotoGP operate flawlessly as the world’s most skilled riders take to the track in venues across the globe."

Michel Taride, Executive Vice President, Hertz Corporation and President of Hertz International, added: "MotoGP is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-filled events in the sporting calendar and Hertz is delighted to have signed this one year deal with Dorna Sports. As a global organisation we are able to service the event as it travels around the world, and we hope this is the start of an exciting long-term partnership with Dorna and MotoGP."


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