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2010 Ural Patrol T | Motorcycle Preview

Motorcycle Preview

In this modern world of über performance superbikes and excessive displays of chrome the minimalist, Russian-built Ural is a breath of motorcycling fresh air.

The first time I saw one I was transported back to my youth when I had a prized military motorcycle sidecar toy that I used to thrash around a dirt pile in our alley.

With its captivatingly macho, rugged militaristic presence, the new Ural Patrol T is the world’s only on-demand two-wheel-drive sidecar, utilizing a drive shaft to engage the outrigger wheel.

Emboldened with a 749cc OHV air-cooled flat-twin engine, Brembo brakes and a reverse gear, the Ural is a sport utility motorcycle designed to traverse virtually any kind of terrain you might want (or have) to encounter.

As a planted three-wheel vehicle (with two-wheel-drive capabilities) the Ural is exceptionally well suited for ice, snow, mud, sludge, wet, and sand.

The Ural’s appeal is in its stout military appearance. The olive drab paint scheme screams a purpose-built military utilitarianism.

This persona is reinforced with mention in the Ural press kit (in good humor–with hints of truth) that “nothing on the Ural can’t be fixed with a hammer and sickle.”

MSRP $12,399
Model Number IMZ-8.1037
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm/in 2580x1700x1100/101.6
x 66.9 x 43.3
Seat Height
Road Clearance mm/in 150/5.9
Dry Weight
Recommended Max Cruising Speed 65 mph
Engine OHV Air-cooled,4
cycle,opposed twin cylinder
Bore & Stroke 78×78
Displacement 749 cc
Rated HP @
5600 RPM
Rated Torque @ 4600 RPM 38ft-lbs
Carburetion Dual Keihin L 22 AA,
Clutch Dry,
dual disk
Max Output
55amp, 770 watts
Starting Electric
& Kick starter
Transmission 4 speed with reverse and
shaft drive
Recommended Fuel 91
Octane Unleaded
Capacity L/gal
Front Brakes BREMBO
with full floating disk
Rear Brakes Mechanical Drum
Sidecar Brakes Mechanical
Full electronic C.D.I.
Front Suspension Leading
link w/Sachs Hydraulic shock absorbers
Sachs Hydraulic shock
Wheels Size Front,
rear, and sidecar 19"
Wheel Type Painted steel, steel
spokes, cast alum. hubs
Miles per Gallon (average) 26-33
mpg/11-14 km/l*
Trunk Volume 2.9 cubic ft
Color Olive Drab
Warranty 2 years parts and labor,
unlimited mileage


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