X-Fighters Egypt: Mat Rebeaud Out

FMX Crash

Swiss FMX superstar Mat Rebeaud, who already missed first stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Mexico after a serious crash during training at the Red Bull Compound will not be able to ride in Egypt as the healing process takes longer then expected.

Rebeaud left the hospital in California weeks ago to fly back to his native Switzerland for further examinations and begin the recovery process to bring him back on his KTM.

If everything goes as planed, Mat should be back for the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Moscow (Russia) in the summer.

Czech "Wunderkind" Petr Pilat will take Rebeauds slot to complete the field of 12 riders.

Updated Rider Liste Red Bull X-Fighters Egypt

1. Nate Adams
2. Robbie Maddison
3. Petr Pilat (Replacement for M. Rebeaud)
4. Eigo Sato
5. Levi Sherwood
6. Andre Villa
7. Jim McNeil
8. Adam Jones (Wild Card)
9. Nick DeWit (Wild Card)
10. Daice Suzuki
11. Lance Coury
12. Libor Podmol

Mat Rebeaud Bio

The 2008 champion was 2009’s Mr Consistency, finishing in the top three at most events this year and hovering on the shoulder of the series’ leaders.

Pretty impressive for a guy who doesn’t actually possess a road licence for bikes and reckons riding on the road is "way more dangerous" than FMX riding.

Mathieu Rebeaud

Air Mat

July 29, 1982



2009 Record
Mexico – 3rd
Canada – 3rd
USA – 2nd
Spain – 6th

Signature Tricks
Whip, Tsunami


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