BMW Motorrad revs 2010 GS Trophy 2

Adventure Motorcycling

Two years ago, BMW Motorrad held its first ever international GS Trophy event in Tunisia, where BMW GS motorcycle riders from Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and the USA met up in Africa for a week of adventure riding, special tests, teamwork challenges and problem solving – all designed around having fun, getting back to nature and enjoying this iconic genre of adventure motorcycle.

With the legendary BMW GS Enduro celebrating its 30th birthday in 2010, BMW Motorrad is planning a bigger BMW GS Trophy event for this year, which will take place from November 13th to November 21st in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique – surely some of the best places in the world to ride a BMW GS motorcycle.

The winners of the 2008 BMW GS Trophy – the USA – have already confirmed their participation, along with teams from Spain, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, Germany, the UK, South Africa and Canada.

Indeed, the planning for November has already started in the above countries, which are all launching their own series of national BMW GS challenges in order to find the best team of riders to represent their country at this prestigious event.

According to BMW Motorrad’s GS Trophy organiser Michael Trammer, November’s South African BMW GS Trophy adventure is definitely not a race, as hard work, technical riding skills, camaraderie and team spirit will be the most important elements for overall success:

"Our first International BMW GS Trophy was held in 2008 in Tunisia and this event was designed to give amateurs with off-road experience the opportunity to take part in a large-scale enduro competition," says Michael Trammer. "The lucky ones that were selected from the national trials were invited to spend ten unforgettable days in the Tunisian desert, where they faced tough challenges which often pushed them to the limits of their capacity."

"For 2010, we’re looking to ensure that the finalists of this year’s BMW GS Trophy are of a comparable standard, so although the national qualifying rounds will have their own distinctive character, there will be a series of tests that correspond to a standardised level throughout the world. This will help ensure that none of the finalists of the BMW GS Trophy 2010 are faced with challenges that are insurmountable or even dangerous. It’s our desire that whatever the final result will be, each participant will get to experience something they will never forget – ultimately, there will be no losers, as just to be selected to represent your country in South Africa in the best possible way is a significant achievement."

All the national qualifying events are following a similar structure and the top three in each country will be selected to take part in the final event in South Africa. Nine nations have already confirmed their participation at the 2010 BMW GS Trophy in November and there are possibly more to come.

This unforgettable motorcycling event will see some of the best amateur off-road riders from Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA meet up at the country that is hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup, for around eight days of adventure motorcycle riding and team building in spectacular terrain.