2011 Diamo Tuscany and F8 Scooters

2011 Diamo Scooters

Precision Powersports has announced the release of two new scooters, designed exclusively for Diamo–the Tuscany and F8 scooters.

With European styling, the Tuscany Scooter is designed to turn heads, while the F8 scooter is designed to be more performance-oriented while offering a combination of comfort, style and convenience. Both models deliver a claimed 120 mpg and require minimal maintenance.

“We have been working to develop scooters that are truly unique to Diamo and differentiate themselves among our own line-up. The Tuscany scooter compliments the classic scooters from Italy but has its own unique character. The F8 scooter is a performance driven design,” said Mathu Solo of Precision Performance. “The Tuscany and F8 scooters will be introduced in May as early 2011 models.”

The Diamo Tuscany is designed with round flowing lines and tasteful classical accents. The Tuscany scooter combines vintage styling with modern technology to provide a scooter that is efficient, safe, and reliable. The Tuscany will be offered with either a 49cc or 150cc four-stroke engine.

The F8 scooter has a sporty look with aggressively styled bodywork that blurs the lines between scooter and motorcycle. The F8 is a large frame scooter that has comfortable seating for two riders. The F8 scooter will be offered with a 49cc two-stroke and 150cc four-stroke engine. In 2009, a Diamo scooter won the Polini Cup making it the fastest scooter in its class, according to Precision Powersports.

“Diamo Scooters offer amazing style, superb performance, and proven reliability,” say a company spokesman. “The new scooters use similar components that Diamo has been using for years and have a proven track record with warranty claim rates of less than 3%. With Diamo’s attention to safety, reliability, and performance riders can enjoy Diamo Scooters wherever the road leads them.”