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Just one week before the traditional season opener in Mexico City, the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010 kicks off in spectacular fashion with a stunning animation showcasing the tricks you can expect to see on the Word Tour, the brand new competition format and the finest artwork 15 meters above the ground.

The Red Bull X-Fighters CG Clip is a 100%-animated CG clip with spectacular images and mind-blowing perspectives bringing you closer to the action than ever before as you fly alongside the best FMX riders on the planet.

At the opening event of the Red Bull X Fighter World Tour 2010 in Mexico City, the riders will be showing and explaining their most insane tricks in close-up format:

> Follow the riders as they enter the sold-out arena through the tunnel.

> Marvel at 360° shots of the riders during tricks.

> Cruise alongside the rider in the air as he performs a Holy Grab, go headover-heels with him as he performs a Double-Seat-Grab Flip, or hang onto his handlebars as he performs a Tsunami Flip.

> Super-slow-motion images mean you can even count the number of steps taken in the air next to the bike as a rider performs a Flintstone.

> Enjoy fascinating close-up detail images of the foot brake and throttle, or watch how a rider corrects his rotation in the air while performing a Backflip.

The clip is also a fascinating information package. In addition to the tricks, it also contains following elements (each element can also be used individually):

> The six event locations of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010

> Essential facts such as jump distance jump height, airtime, etc.

> The competition structure

> Trick evolution, from right-side-up tricks to flips to the 360 Nac Nac and the Frontflip.

Duration is 3:30 minutes.


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