KTM seeks the 2010 Toughest Rider

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KTM is looking for the 2010 Toughest Rider in partnership with leading offroad event organiser Baboons. The conditions of entry are simple: All riders (male and female) who have signed up for one of the European XCC (Cross Country Championship) 2010 series and compete in either all the series on a KTM will be automatically considered. Riders in the XC Pro class will be excluded.

Riders only need to be registered for one of the series (GCC, ICC or ACC) on a KTM. They can also compete in all four series in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. There will be an overall evaluation of all classes and series within all the XCC events! The 5 best riders from each country will be invited to the XCC European final on 09/10/2010 in Rudolstadt based on this evaluation.

The finalists will attend this event to be given their ranking for the 2010 KTM Toughest Rider. Here, only riders who have competed on KTM bikes throughout the season will be considered. The best 5 riders from the GCC, ICC and ACC will be invited to the ECC final. KTM will pay the ECC final entry fee and a travel allowance for these 20 riders.

In its call for entries for the Toughest Rider, KTM is also seeking to give amateur riders the opportunity to make their mark in an evaluation open to entrants from around the world. Therefore the number of races started will be the main factor taken into consideration on a national level.

Thus, if a slower rider has started one extra race, this will make up for three wins achieved by a faster rider. So, we are deliberately inviting the most active riders to the final rather than the fastest riders who are sure to get their piece of the glory whatever happens.

This gives all riders the chance to represent their country as finalists at the international final. However, the faster riders should then be at an advantage. The evaluation will therefore be based on the results of the final. The factors taken into consideration when converting championship points earned will take account of the different demands of the various classes.

If you earn the title of KTM Toughest Rider after a hard season, your efforts will be rewarded with a unique prize. The Toughest Rider gets a €500 (~$750 USD) voucher for Power Wear/Power Parts + free entry to the 2011 Erzberg Rodeo, with full support. They will also get to be an official KTM rider for a weekend (this includes accommodation, meals, entry fee, the loan of a motorbike, mechanical assistance and rider training with an official KTM rider).

The rider in second place can look forward to a €1000 (~$1,500 USD) PowerWear and PowerParts voucher. The rider in third place will also get one of these vouchers for €500 (~$750 USD). Riders in 4th to 15th place can look forward to a KTM sponsorship package and a cup.

For more information on the 2010 Toughest Rider visit www.ktmtoughestrider.com


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