Toni Bou Wins in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca Trial Indoor

Repsol rider Toni Bou renewed his Indoor Trial World Champion title last night. This is the fourth championship in a row that the Catalan has won in this category and he has also won three consecutive titles in the outdoor Trial World Championship.

Winner of three of the four previous rounds and with a 13-point advantage over his nearest rival before tackling the event that decided the title, Toni Bou only needed to finish in the top four in the Palma de Mallorca Indoor Trial to become World Champion again. Mission accomplished and also ratified with another win, which meant that he closed the event with an exception score of 95 points out of 100.

The other Repsol rider, Takahisa Fujinami, finished fifth this time, ending the championship in sixth place in the overall standings.

Toni Bou

"I’m so happy. It has been another tense round and I was very nervous, as it was essential to get through to the final. And as we have seen today, this time with Adam (Raga), that’s never easy. In my case, if I had not made it to the final today, I probably wouldn’t be celebrating the title. Let’s see if the regulations change next year and we have a little more margin to rectify mistakes."

"A new title… that makes four, the first was very special and the others have been very important. They are all the result of hard work and that means that winning is never routine but the reward for effort; it’s obvious that without hard work you can’t be successful."