Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust System

Exhaust Review

Cobra’s Speedster Swept exhaust system and Fi2000R digital fuel processor wake up the Honda Fury in a way that transforms it into a different motorcycle-one that we quite like. There is no doubt that the stock Fury is a good performer, with unexpectedly effective handling and ergonomics, but the tone and performance of the motor leaves room for improvement. With this bolt-on 1-2 Cobra punch, there is now a bit of fury in the bike’s attitude.

Rather than going for noise, Cobra has fine-tuned the sound of the 1312cc powerplant. Even at idle, the difference is inspirational. One can actually hear the cadence of the Honda 52-degree V-twin, as it rumbles contentedly. Once underway, the Speedster Swept dual mufflers emit a deep-throated rumble, with none of the headache inducing bark that an improper baffle design discharges.

The increased torque across the rev range is undeniable, allowing quicker passing on the highway (where the exhaust tone is especially unobtrusive) and authoritative acceleration from stoplights (where the muscular sound is welcome). The dyno confirmed my suspicions.

Both torque and horsepower exceed the stock Fury from 2500 rpm until the 5200 rpm redline. Over a 1700 rpm stretch, the Cobra Speedster Swept uninterruptedly exceeds the stock Fury’s maximum torque, and delivers its peak (3 ft/lbs higher) about 500 rpm sooner than the stocker. Horsepower augmentation matches the torque enhancement.

The Fi2000R gray box is flawless. There is no too-lean pop-and-crackle when letting off the throttle after hard acceleration. Instead, you get a warm rumble that impresses without being oppressive.

I have not mentioned the appearance, because the photograph speaks for itself. In person, the enhanced look of the Fury is even more evident, as Cobra’s American-made craftsmanship is on full display.