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"The last word in summer leather gear", according to Teiz Motorsports, the Tioga Leather Mesh motorcycle jacket arrived for my review in the middle of winter. Although certainly not the ideal circumstance to test the jacket in its element, I found the 1.1-1.2mm cowhide leather mesh shell, complimented by CE-approved armor in the shoulders, arms, elbows and back to inspire enough confidence to for me to wear it on my 200+ mile trek across greater Los Angeles in 48-degree weather.

Upon first glance, I didn’t like this jacket, as I’m not the biggest fan of mesh styling. However, no more than five minutes later, my opinion completely changed and I really began to appreciate its unique and modern design. That opinion was further solidified by its true to size fit, comfort and versatility.

The Tioga is laden with adjustable options that help to ensure a proper fit. I found that the Velcro tabs at the waist and wrists, along with the 3-point button tabs in both the upper and lower arms to be especially helpful since I was riding in winter temps and needed to throw on a couple extra layers to stay warm. The Tioga Leather Mesh Jacket accommodated me without burden or compromise.

Flexible right out of the box, Teiz’s Tioga did not require the sometimes-lengthy break-in periods of other jackets. With such a long and multi-layered ride at hand, I was pleased at its unobtrusiveness.

I also felt safe and as highly visible–at least as one might hope to be while riding a motorcycle. The Tioga has a white leather mesh torso that’s dressed with a total of nine reflective stripes on the upper arms, shoulders and back. These stripes are subtle in daylight, yet practical come nightfall.

Because I was wearing a backpack, I did not notice the solo pocket on the chest to be a shortcoming. I would hope for future versions of the Tioga, by Teiz Motorsports to have slightly shorter arms, as I found the Tioga just a scintilla long, which made putting on my gloves slightly inconvenient, even with its gusset sleeves.

For a jacket whose primary strength is comfort via ventilation, I was able to make good use of it during its off-season. Because it is so comfortable, I’ll be likely to choose it again before some of my heavier jackets and I am eager to let the Tioga shine in the California sun this summer.


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