Triumph’s 2010 Rocket III Roadster | Video

Rocket III Wheelie

Triumph’s new 2010 Rocket III Roadster is the latest iteration of the offbeat motorcycle that created a rouse when it was first introduced in 2004. At 2.3 liters, the Rocket III Roadster is the world’s largest production capacity motorcycle. The new power generated by Rocket III Roadster moves it out of the lackluster cruiser category and into the ultimate muscle cruiser world.

Coming in two color options, metallic Phantom Black or a Matt Black alternative, the Triumph Rocket III Roadster is powered by an updated version of Triumph’s iconic three-cylinder 2,294cc power plant. Maximum power has increased over the outgoing Rocket III, with torque up 15%, to a claimed mighty 221Nm. The engine waste exits through a new exhaust system designed to handle the increased power and torque in addition to offering an improved acoustic experience.

Triumph’s anti-lock braking system is fitted as standard to the Rocket III Roadster (and it looks like it might be well needed). This is the first time that an ABS system has been specified for the Rocket III platform. Watch as the torque-filled Rocket III Roadster pulls wheelies for the camera and enjoy the ride.