Motion Pro Titanium Wrenches | Tool Preview

Motorcycle Wrenches for the Road.

It’s too late for Christmas, but every one of your motorcycle friends has a birthday once a year! Motion Pro’s new Ti Prolight titanium wrenches certainly would make a excellent gift for anyone who brings tools along when he/she rides his/her motorcycle.                      

In fact, feel free to buy it for yourself, if you feel deserving. Dirt bike riders will be especially interested, as these metric titanium wrenches are very lightweight (less than one-quarter the weight of standard steel wrenches), as well as immune to rust and corrosion, according to Motion Pro.

The wrenches come in popular 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm and 14mm sizes, with laser etching for easy identification. A set of four eschews the 13mm wrench, and the four wrenches fit inside an included heavy-duty nylon Motion Pro tool packs for easy transport.

Motion Pro does not recommend these wrenches for "everyday shop use".