Camel ADV The Fix Brake Pedal Folding Tip Review [Ténéré 700]

Camel ADV Products is an innovation machine. Owner Cory Hanson is an avid offroad rider who works tirelessly to improve our adventure bikes. While Hanson loves his Yamaha Ténéré 700, he immediately found, as we all have, that the brake pedal throw is too long and feels spongy. It also occasionally hangs up, wearing out pads and overheating rotors.

After a year of R&D and 23 versions of a new brake pedal design, The Fix brake pedal for the Ténéré 700. However, it had a fixed pedal tip. Creating a bolt-on, spring-loaded tip to Cory’s exacting requirements for The Fix proved time-consuming. Fortunately for Ténéré 700 owners, it has arrived with a $39 price tag.

The folding tip is about 55mm wide and set about 20mm farther forward than the short, fixed Enduro tip used on the original version of The Fix. I never had an issue finding the closer and narrower tip when braking, either standing or sitting. Still, the longer reach for the folding tip feels more natural for my muscle memory. The front and back edges are serrated for a sure grip on boot soles.


My boot position on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike is hugging the engine, so my toe is always above the shorter tip. Ténéré 700 riders with large calves, or who have a water pump protector pushing their boots farther outboard on their pegs, will find the wider tip of the spring-loaded tip more accessible.

The Fix folding replacement tip kit from Camel ADV Products consists of the tip, two nuts, and a small vial of blue thread locker. The total time to swap tips was just a few minutes. Removing the fixed Enduro tip requires an 8mm open-end wrench, and the Folding tip uses a 10mm to secure it.

I lost my rear brake five times in the year before Camel ADV released The Fix for the Yamaha Ténéré 700 brake pedal. My rear brake pads overheated my rotor and boiled my brake fluid. With the same rider, same terrain, and same boots, I have not had a single overheating incident in the 18 months since installing Camel ADV Products’ The Fix. The Folding tip has simply made a fantastic fix even better. Thanks, Cory!

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