SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max Review [No-Subscription Tracker]

The SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max is a motorcycle GPS tracking device, a security system, a mapping recorder, and a ride details logger that is live on the AT&T 4G LTE network with no subscription fees. The device measures under three inches square, weighs less than five ounces, and retails for $295. The $295 includes a connection to the AT&T 4G LTE network for as long as AT&T provides 4G LTE. There is no subscription fee, ever, with the purchase and use of the SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max.

SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max Review: Motorcycle Tracker

Each SizzApp 2-Wire device has a unique IMEI number on the AT&T network that you enroll during the setup process. The SizzApp device and associated iOS and Android apps are the exact opposite of hiding “off the grid.” You can share your location tracking with your authorized viewers through the app so they can see where your bike is in real time.

If you venture so far out in the boonies that the AT&T 4G LTE data network does not reach, then the unit will store all your ride data onboard until it can upload it to the SizzApp servers for sharing. At a minimum, as you leave cellular connectivity, your shared map will show your last position and your track to that location.

If you want to know where your bike is at all times, you can rest easy knowing that the SizzApp is actively monitoring it. SizzApp will phone you, text you, or produce a push notification if your bike moves. If the SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max is unplugged from its direct connection to your battery, SizzApp servers will alert you. You can also set up geofences and be notified when your bike leaves or enters a designated area.

The full description of each feature is in the downloadable 26-page PDF manual. Although SizzApp has not kept up the manual with software updates, the whole unit, from installation to ride use to ride review, is easy enough to figure out.

SizzApp allows you to decide what notifications you want and how you want them delivered. They can be selectively enabled or disabled. It is a great feature to have your phone ring when your bike is out of sight and is moved, even slightly. However, it is not so great when you raise your kickstand after mounting your bike with your phone in your inner jacket pocket, and your phone rings. There is no phone proximity shutoff, so I overcame this annoyance by selecting a unique ringtone for the SizzApp calls. You can also turn off “active Guarding” with a button press. Notifications will stop, though location monitoring is always on.

SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max Review: Subscription-free

SizzApp allows 50 phone calls, 50 text messages, and unlimited push notifications monthly. If you do not answer the phone call, it is not counted against your total. The phone call is the alert; there is no voice information associated with the call—just dead air, so there is no reason to answer the SizzApp notification call. With the unique ringtone, I know my bike is calling, so I don’t answer, saving my 50-call count. If I am curious, I can check the app for any notifications.

The SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max has just two wires for complete installation. A 34-inch pigtail attaches directly to your battery terminals. It is recommended that you hide the unit rather than simply setting it on top of your battery. The SizzApp has an internal battery; if a thief steals your bike and disconnects all the wires connected to the battery, the unit will continue to send location information for up to three hours.

SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max Review: Installation tips

Real-time bike location from the AT&T 4G LTE network is graphically displayed for live viewing. It is also stored and encrypted by SizzApp for five years for your review. Have you ever tried remembering the name of the restaurant you stopped at three years ago on your way to Bike Week? You can check the day in question from the app on your phone. Every time you shut off the ignition, the map shows where you parked, and Maps on my iPhone shows the names of all the businesses nearby. That should be enough to jog your memory.

SizzApp logs your location, mileage, altitude, distance, hard acceleration, cornering, and braking; logging your speed is an option. The speed logging feature can be turned off for those who don’t want to keep incriminating evidence from the police or your family members. If you do elect to keep speed logging, then you can see on the map of the day exactly how fast you were going and where you were. In addition, the app will calculate your average speed for the day and for a selected period, such as on a week tour.

An accelerometer inside the SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max constantly measures acceleration, braking, and cornering, and reports in the app when your especially fun rides exceed certain minimum thresholds. If the built-in accelerometer senses a crash, it can send a push notification or SMS to a designated phone number. I hit a lot of potholes in a week of riding the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike, and SizzApp never perceived one as a crash.

If you are in a group ride with other SizzApp owners, the app has a function to show everyone where each other is. There is an SOS button to signal the members of the SizzApp group ride that you need help. If you own multiple vehicles with SizzApp devices attached, you can see all of them from your SizzApp phone app.

Keep in mind that the SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max draws power. SizzApp says that when the attached motorcycle has been inactive for an hour, the device goes into Deep Sleep mode, pulling between 150-250mA daily at 12 volts.

I was testing the EBL Lithium Phosphate battery at the same time as the SizzApp. I attached it to the lithium battery for one week without moving the bike, and my voltmeter displayed 13.2 volts for the entire week. My OEM lead acid battery on the same test for one week dropped from 12.72 to 12.4 volts. So, the SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max will drain your battery if you don’t ride your bike periodically or keep it on a charger.

SizzApp will alert you to a 50 percent drain, which is probably too low to start your bike. However, the app’s home page displays your real-time battery voltage, so you should never be surprised by a dead battery.

SizzApp does not have any subscription fee. The $295 purchase price for the SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max provides a two-year warranty and covers your AT&T 4G LTE access for as long as AT&T provides 4G LTE. I haven’t found another subscription-free GPS tracker. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number printed inside the packaging is the unique identifier for your SizzApp on the AT&T network. When you do your world tour ride, know that your SizzApp will work in 134 countries.

I am a member of many Yamaha Ténéré 700, adventure bike, and long-distance riding forums. “What do you all use for letting your family know where you are when you are on a solo adventure?” is a common question. My response is now SizzApp 2-Wire GPS Max. It is a multifunction GPS tracker, security, data logger, and passive communicator, all for one fixed price.

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