Steve McQueen Bell Helmet First Look [ISDT Custom 500]

Over 40 years after his untimely death, Steve McQueen remains the undisputed King of Cool, and that includes his life as a dedicated motorcyclist. The Bell Custom 500 open-face helmet boasts a high cool quotient of its own, recalling the Bell TX motorcycle helmet dating back to the 1950s. Put the two together, and you have the new Bell Custom 500 Six Day McQueen helmet licensed by the McQueen Estate.

Steve McQueen Bell Helmet: Price

The new Bell 500 Custom Six Day McQueen helmet is a replica of the head protection McQueen wore when representing the United States at the 1964 International Six Days Trial in East Germany. It was the first American team to contest the ISDT, now known as the International Six Days Enduro.

Sporting the iconic American ISDT skunk paint scheme, the Bell Custom Six Day McQueen is blue with white stripes. Red pinstripes and the “Steve” on the back are pure-McQueen touches. There is also a 510 visor—a common accessory at the time of McQueen’s exploits—and a black leather helmet bag for safe transport. The helmet also includes a 278 decal that honors the number McQueen ran in the 1964 ISDT on his Triumph TR6SC, as well as a keychain with McQueen’s name.

Steve McQueen Bell Helmet: MSRP

“My Dad loved riding motorcycles more than anything,” Steve McQueen’s son Chad relates. “Much of my childhood memories with my dad revolve around motorcycles. We loved going on two-wheeled adventures together, and I’m thrilled to see this helmet come back to life, considering my dad and I always wore Bell helmets.”

Bell Category Manager Simon Fisher noted, “This collaboration represents a golden era of motorcycling that both McQueen and Bell helped shape.”

Steve McQueen Bell Helmet: For Sale

The Bell Custom 500 Six Day McQueen helmet has an MSRP of $210. Boasting DOT and ECE certifications, the helmet can be had in sizes XS to XXL. Bell will also have a small batch of McQueen apparel to go with the helmet.

Bell 500 Custom Six Day McQueen Helmet Photo Gallery